L’Oreal Pure Clay cleansers and a new mask

loreal pure clay collection review

L’Oreal has added to their Pure Clay Collection! There are three new, clay based cleansers as well as a new mask made from Kaolite, Montmorillonite, Ghassoul, and Seaweed. Love!

The L’Oreal Pure Clay cleansers compliment the three original clay masks introduced by L’Oreal last summer. The cleansers are a great way to enhance the benefits reaped by using the L’Oreal clay masks. They clear up skin, leaving pores clear. They are almost like a mini-facial!

loreal pure clay cleansers review

From left: L’Oreal Pure Clay Cleansers, Red Algae, Charcoal, and Eucalyptus.

These Pure Clay cleansers by L’Oreal are great to use daily; while I recommend using the matching mask once per week. I usually do my mask on Sunday evenings. My favorite from the collection is the Charcoal Pure Clay cleanser. It really keeps my pores clean; and does a great job removing dirt and impurities.

loreal pure clay collection review

There is a new mask in town! L’Oreal has added a new mask to their Pure Clay Collection. This blue clay mask combines Kaolinite, Montmorillonite, Ghassoul, and seaweed to create a gentle mask aptly named the “Clear & Comfort Mask.”

This is a gentle mask which is great for soothing skin that might be irritated from the elements, makeup, or bad products. I love using it on a Sunday evening when my skin has had a lot of sun exposure and my SPF failed me a bit; yes, this means when I have a slight sunburn. haha

If you loved the first three Pure Clay masks by L’Oreal, you will love the new Seaweed mask! I hope L’Oreal comes out with a matching Pure Clay cleanser for the seaweed soon!

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You can find the L’Oreal Pure Clay cleansers and the new Seaweed mask, online here.

*Thank you L’Oreal for providing samples for this post

loreal pure clay collection review

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