L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Mask review

loreal pure clay masks

Pictured: c/o L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask from left: Purify & Mattify, Exfoliate & Refine, and Detox & Brighten.

I’m so excited to share these fabulous new clay masks from L’Oreal Paris with you!  The new L’Oreal Paris Clay Mask comes in three different formulas; Purify & Mattify, Exfoliate & Refine, and Detox & Brighten. Each one has an active ingredient which makes it unique, and perfect for different skin problems.

All three masks use three pure clays as their base:

  1. Kaolinite: This is a soft mineral present in kaolin clay and it is the ideal ingredient for skincare masks because it is really absorbent. It helps to rid skin of built up; unwanted impurities without stripping away any natural oils. This clay absorbs skin impurities and helps to remove excess shine. Love that! -I can get shiny!
  2. Montmorillonite: This clay is derived from igneous rocks of the smectite family. It is creamy and swells up with it comes into contact with water. It is known for its purifying and re-balancing properties.
  3. Ghassoul: This is a clay of volcanic origin which has been extracted in Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains. Women in that region use it in face masks and in poultices for their bodies.

Let’s start with my favorite; the Purify & Mattify mask. This is the light grey-green mask pictured above on the left. The secret ingredient is Eucalyptus! My skin creates blackheads, and can get quite shiny. This mask helps to draw out dirt and excess oil; I have a lot of that! After two uses, my pores were clean! It takes a small miracle to remove my blackheads, so I am in deep love with this mask!

I also had a fabulous time testing out the Exfoliate & Refine mask. This red clay mask contains Red Algae as it’s key ingredient. This mask also unclogs pores. It also exfoliates rough texture, which unmasks smooth, unclogged skin. My skin is fairly smooth already, so the difference I noticed after using this mask the first time, were clearer pores. The second time I used it I did feel smoother skin on my face, but the big difference were the cleaner pores, which also seemed minimized.

The Detox & Brighten mask contains charcoal as it’s key ingredient. This mask removes dirt, and impurities. It also removes dead skin cells. The result is healthier, even looking skin. This was the last mask I tested out, so my skin was very clean by the time I tried it. I used it once and my skin felt great! I feel like this is a great mask to keep on hand to use once or twice per month.

Overall, I loved all three masks. The Purify & Mattify clay mask is my favorite mask, and I plan to use it one day a week. I will keep the other two masks on hand to use as needed. The incredible thing about the L’Oreal Pure-Clay mask collection is the fact that they are priced under $13! Whaaaaaaaaat???? Yes, your eyes are working, that is not a typo, they are priced at under $13 each!

You can find the L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask collection online here, or at your favorite mass food, and drug retailer nationwide starting in July 2016. I would love to hear your results!

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