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Go-to casual fall look

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wearing: dark blue tassel c/o BaubleBar (new for fall!) / Chanel lipstick / grey and black casual fall top / dark rinse girlfriend jeans / Givenchy bag / Chanel Rose Prodigious nail polish / silver statement ring  / embroidered slides

I always need to have a couple of go-to outfits in my arsenal each season. My go-to outfit needs to be comfortable, casual, machine washable; and easy to throw on at a moments notice. This casual look hits all the buttons!

Last week, my daughter and I strolled around Santana Row in search of fabulous fall style, which I will be sharing with you later this week; and also enjoyed a yummy lunch. It was her first week of school, and she worked really hard to finish her schoolwork in four days so she could take Friday off. This is a common theme for her. Since we home-school through an online school, we can manage her time according to our whims; and her whim is to have a three day weekend. So it shall be!

She is in sixth grade this year, and the schoolwork is getting interesting. She loves ancient history; although learning about ancient Egypt scares her; she doesn’t want to see any mummies! I have to admit, sixth grade history was my favorite in middle school. It might actually be fun for me! haha

Since I am home-schooling during the day, squeezing work in before the kids wake up, and then taxiing my kids around to their after-school activities; I need clothing which is comfortable and fuss-free. This outfit is definitely going to be something I continue to reach for throughout both the fall and winter seasons. The jeans are loose and comfortable, the top is loose and comfortable, the slides are easy on and off; and of course, this is my favorite handbag on the planet! haha

What is your favorite type of go-to outfit as we move into fall?

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