Casual late summer early fall outfit

wearing: Kendra Scott earrings / Chanel summer lipstick / black and white fall 2017 blouse / red shoulder bag / Chanel summer nail polish / black leather watch / dark rinse fall jeans / fall booties (so comfy!) / On Dawn: red cold shoulder top / black slip-on sneakers

Last Friday, Dawn and I went back to Nordstrom at Valley Fair in order to check out the Anniversary Sale on the first public access day. Since I borrowed my Mom’s Nordstrom card to shop the sale early, this was my first chance to do some additional shopping on my own, non-Nordstrom card.

In addition to checking out the sale, this was the Friday before my daughter’s eleventh birthday, and she wanted a shopping trip to Justice as her birthday present. So we combined the sale, and her birthday shopping, into one trip! It was so much fun!

I was surprised at how much was sold out from the first week of the sale! A lot of the things I was waiting to get during public access were gone! I am so glad I snagged my must-haves during the early access portion of the sale. I was able to pick up a few things for my teenage daughter; which was a godsend since school starts in four weeks! Eeek!

This blouse was one of my purchases from the early access portion of the sale, and it is still in stock online! It has turned into my favorite clothing purchase from the sale; these booties being my number one favorite purchase. This blouse does not wrinkle at all. It is so amazing! I know if I take any trips this fall, this blouse will be the first thing I pack in my suitcase. It is perfect for travel!

The fabric is also lightweight enough to wear in late summer, and on foggier summer days. It will be perfect during the fall months. When winter hits, I can throw a jacket or coat over it and this blouse will carry me through until the spring season. I know it will be go-to blouse. The black and white pattern is easy to pair with jeans, trousers, or a pencil skirt for the office. Love that!

My daughter took these photos at the mall, she did a great job didn’t she! I’m so proud of her, she loves photography and will be taking it as an elective in sixth grade. She enjoyed hanging out with Dawn and I; she felt like one of the girls, and so grown up!

What treasures have you picked up at the sale?

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