Diorific Cosmic nail polish for the holidays

diorific cosmic nail polish holidays 2016

Pictured: Diorific Cosmic nail polish by Christian Dior for the holidays

Diorific Cosmic is a beautiful, sparkling blackish-plum hue from Dior’s holiday beauty collection which is limited edition, and selling fast. The color has about a 90% black saturation with about 10% deep, dark plum intermingled in the hue. The golden sparkles are subtle, and glisten in the sunlight. This is a mysterious yet festive nail polish color for the holiday season. Love it!

I have worn Dior nail polish many times in the past, but this is the first time I have tried a bottle of Diorific by Dior. The bottle is slightly smaller in stature, and the brush is twice as short as the Dior brush. The bristles themselves are fashioned the same as the Dior bristles; offering a flat, smooth application process. My only complaint is that I am used to long handles, so the short brush is a little bit awkward to apply. Despite the shorter brush handle, the result is a beautiful manicure which is lang lasting, and downright fabulous!

Cosmic by Diorific is the perfect neutral, yet festive, nail polish hue for the holiday season. It will blend well with any holiday attire in berry shades, blues, and metallics. Diorific Cosmic nail polish also plays well with gold, silver, rose gold, and hematite; making it easy to wear with any jewelry from your jewelry box. Love that!

I am looking forward to wearing Diorific Cosmic throughout the holiday season, and even through the end of winter. It is an easy color to wear, and it feels so chic! C’est magnifique!

The Diorific holiday nail polishes are limited edition and selling out fast. I did manage to find them in stock in one retailer online. You can find Diorific Cosmic nail polish from the Holidays 2016 beauty collection by Dior online here and online here.

Diorific holiday nail polish in stock right now:

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