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Chanel Emeraude nail polish for summer 2016 review

chanel emeraude nail polish summer 2016

Pictured: Chanel Emeraude nail polish for summer 2016

Chanel Emeraude nail polish is a vivid, dark green nail polish hue from Chanel’s summer 2016 beauty collection. This seemingly autumn hue, is just bright enough to border on a summer green; yet dark enough to be a good transitional color for the late summer, and early fall season. Love that!

While dark green is normally a color we see in the fall season, Chanel has thrown out the notion of traditional seasonal hues, and they have given us a fall brown, as reviewed here, and a fall green; with a twist. Although the summer brown nail polish hue offered an extremely autumn vibe, Chanel Emeraude nail polish offers a mixture of summer and fall; making the shade transcend season.

Chanel Emeraude nail polish is a fabulous color to wear this summer season in contrast to all of the bright colors, and girlish pinks, we are seeing in nail polish this season. Emeraude by Chanel is an evergreen hue, with a slight sparkle undertone, which plays well with summer neutrals, as well as summer brights. It also offers a fresh take on what summer green is supposed to look like.

I tested out Chanel Emeraude nail polish with one base coat, two coats of Emeraude, and one shiny top coat. The nail polish wore well for a full week. I had a little bit of wear on my right hand, but I believe it is from cleaning the kitchen without gloves. I am really bad about wearing gloves to do housework.

This will be a fun color to wear later on in the summer when I start to style my summer clothing in the fall trends. It looks amazing with shades of brown, and summer neutrals. I love the earthy vibe it gives off.

You can find Chanel Emeraude nail polish for summer 2016 online here, and here.