Chloe Jodie camera bag review

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Chloe Jodie camera bag in navy blue suede for spring 2016

The Chloe Jodie handbag is the ultra cute, and casual, camera style bag first revealed on the spring 2016 Chloe runway. This cute little bag offers style, function, and sassy, casual style. Love it!

Denim, athleisure, and military are all hot casual trends for the spring season. With a trend towards casual attire, comes the need for a trend towards casual handbags. The Chloe Jodie meets that need with it’s camera styling, chain detail, small tassel, and overall look. It is the perfect handbag to grab-and-go on a daily basis.

Although small in stature, the Chloe Jodie is big on style. This handbag offers one main, large interior compartment which has a slim pocket on the back. The exterior offers three pockets; one of which is covered by the flap closure in the front, and two on the sides which have their own flap closures. These pockets are handy for storing small items you may want to grab without fiddling with the main compartment. The bag is very user-friendly!

I purchased the suede Chloe Jodie for spring since I don’t really own a full suede bag. I have a couple of bags with suede on them, but the main body of those bags is smooth leather. The Chloe Jodie is full suede; I love the soft feel, and casual look, this gives the handbag.

The Chloe Jodie looks great with denim, summer shorts, casual skirts, flared pants, wrap dresses, casual mini skirts, casual maxi skirts, and athleisure ensembles. I love how this handbag elevates an otherwise casual, everyday look into something fabulous. It is perfect for turning jeans, a tee shirt, and flip flops into something special. It really is perfect for hot summer days; and weekends in general.

The interior capacity is small. The Chloe Jodie can hold a wallet, lipstick, keys, and iPhone with a little bit of room to spare. I can put my glasses in the bag, as long as they are not in their case. The case will not fit. The front pocket is perfect for receipts, or any folded paper I want to bring with me, or keep. I haven’t used the side pockets, but they seem perfect for holding gum, chapstick, or any small items I do not want getting lost inside the main compartment of the bag. The slim pocket can be used for the iPhone, or for a passport, folded paper etc.

This is a great bag for casual days when I don’t need to carry a lot of things with me. It has become my casual go-to bag!

The strap on the Chloe Jodie offers a split between chain and leather. The leather, or in my case suede, portion of the strap is on top; flanked by a chain strap on the sides. This is really comfortable to wear and the strap stays put on my shoulder without sliding off. Love that!

As far as weight goes, the Chloe Jodie is lightweight when empty, so when I add items into the purse, it is still a comfortable weight, and feels fairly light. It is a lighter bag than the Faye. I would compare it’s weight to the Drew.

The Chloe Jodie is a new handbag style from Chloe for the spring 2016 season. This beautiful, casual handbag is showing longevity, and will be a part of Chloe’s ongoing collection. It is the ideal casual handbag; especially with the move towards casual trends for fall such as altheleisure, moto, western, and the continuing 1970s influence.

I am looking forward to wearing my Chloe  Jodie camera bag for many seasons to come! I rate the Chloe Jodie handbag five out of five stars!

You can find the Chloe Jodie online here, here, and here.

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