Fashion Shenzhen spring 2016 New York Fashion Week

Photos: Fashion Shenzhen spring 2016 /summer 2016 New York Fashion Week. Click on a thumbnail to view full sized photo, or to scroll through the photo gallery.

Photo credit: Cathy OBrien/Bay Area Fashionista 2015©

Fashion Shenzhen spring 2016 was a beautiful show during New York Fashion Week. This fabulous collection was made up of designers from the Shenzhen district in China. Shenzhen designers Deng Hao, Haiping Xie, and Kavon showed their designs on the runway at The Skylight Moynihan.

This was such a beautiful show! Everything from the pretty prints, to the flowing fabrics, to the fresh designs, were a nod to the future of fashion around the world. Of course, the hats were fabulous too. I would love one of the black hats. How perfect would one be to wear to a summer fundraiser held outdoors?

I love the majestic trains, prints, and the blue ensembles. What is your favorite look from the Fashion Shenzhen spring 2016 runway at New York Fashion Week?