Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour review

christian louboutin sheer lipstick reviewchristian louboutin sheer lip color reviewchristian louboutin private number sheer lipstick reviewchristian louboutin private number sheer lip colour lipstick reviewPictured: Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour in Private Number

As a fan of Christian Louboutin nail polish, I was smitten when I heard the iconic footwear designer was launching a line of lipsticks. As soon as Christian Louboutin’s lipstick collection hit store shelves, I scoured the collection for the perfect first tube; the Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour.

Of course I would pick a sheer lipstick! I am a bit of a sheer lipstick addict. I prefer sheer lip colors over mattes and creams. I love a touch of color which mixes in with my natural lip to create a shade that matches my complexion. Sheers tend to do exactly that!

Since the fall season was nearing when Christian Louboutin launched his lipstick collection, I decided to purchase a lip color which would fit perfectly into the autumn season. Private Number fit the bill!

Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile lip colour in Private Number is a medium brown lipstick. This color blends well with fall’s color palette, and offers a neutral hue which is easy to wear with everything. Love that!

Private Number has turned out to be a fabulous color! I find myself reaching for it everyday. This lip hue works well both day and night; making it quite versatile.

As someone who purchases sheer lipsticks about 75% of the time, I have tried a LOT of sheer lipsticks. Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour is a fabulous sheer. It has more pigment than most sheers, almost offering cream-like coverage; of course, without the stickiness of a cream, or thickness of a cream.

Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour acts like a sheer, feels like a sheer, and yet offers thicker color coverage than your average sheer. I love having Private Number as an alternative to Chanel’s Melancholie for fall; another favorite sheer of mine. While the two colors are similar in the tube, Chanel’s sheer lip color is much more sheer than Christian Louboutin’s sheer lipstick. This gives me the choice of an ultra sheer, versus an almost cream sheer. Love that!

Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour is also moisturizing. I did not need to apply any lip balm or chapstick underneath the lipstick; nor at any time during the day when I have worn this lipstick.

One heads up if you plan to travel with a lipstick by Christian Louboutin. I had mine in my carry-on for my flights to and from New York for fashion week. When I went through control at JFK, I was stopped and pulled aside for a bag inspection. Turned out they thought my Christian Louboutin lipstick was a weapon! It was quite humorous when they discovered it was just lipstick! So, if you check a bag, you might want to throw Christian Louboutin’s lipstick into your checked bag, instead of your carry-on; unless you are up for a little adventure!

 I have fallen in love with Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour in Private Number. I am looking forward to adding more colors to my lipstick wardrobe each season from his sheer voile collection. I’m in love!

Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour can be found online here, here, and here.

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  • anna

    Thank you SO much Bay Area Fashionista!! I have had “Private Number” in my shopping cart and was waiting to see any reviews. It looks so pretty and fall-perfect. I also prefer sheer lipstick over matte and will purchase it for sure. Thanks for taking the time for your wonderful review and photos:)!!

    • CathyLSG Post author

      Thank you! I’m so glad this helped. Enjoy your new Christian Louboutin lipstick!! I hope you love it!!


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