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Flat sandals for summer 2015

flat sandals for summer 2015

Flat Sandals for summer 2015 from top left:  blue sandals / ivory sandals / cognac sandals / spa sandals

Flat sandals are a staple in every summer wardrobe. They are easy to walk in, cool on hot summer days, and reflect trends from the runways in Paris, Milan, New York, and London. Love that!

This summer season, flat sandals are reflecting several runway trends which have proved to be hot on the street. The main trends in flat sandals for summer 2015 include:

Spa Sandals: The spa sandal is a huge trend this summer 2015 season. The spa sandal evokes the comfortable, relaxed vibe one feels after a day at the spa. The iconic spa sandal offers two large straps which criss-cross over the top of the foot. There is no back strap or heel on a spa sandal. Since this sandal type does not offer a lot of support for walking, look for thick footbeds, like the spa sandal pictured above, as well as cushioning. This will add a little bit of substance to the shoe, and make it comfortable for walking on a warm summer day.

Gladiator sandals: This trend will not go away! Gladiator sandals seem to fade in and out of style every few seasons. With the boho trend, and 1970’s trend, in full effect, the gladiator sandal has taken front and center as a huge trend in sandals for summer 2015. Although this style is available in heels, wedges, and flats, the flat sandal style is the most flattering style on one’s legs; and let’s face it, the easiest to walk in! Look for neutral colors or black.

Classic kids sandals: Remember in third grade when your Mom bought you a pair of purple sandals with an ankle strap and one thick strap of leather over the top of your foot? Your best friend has them in orange, and the girl who sat in the front of the classroom had them in brown. Well, they are back! This time, for adults. Look for this style in bi-colors, neutrals, shade of white, and black. Love this pair.

Birkenstocks: Did you think they went away? Nope! Birkenstocks are still hot on the street for summer 2015. This boho shoe style not only fits into the boho trend and 1970’s trend, it also fits into the 90’s trend which is still lingering in the background. Let’s face it, us GenXer’s lived in Birkenstocks in high school and college, while Pearl Jam blared on our stereos. Although often associated with boho-chic, Birkenstocks evoke a nostalgic feeling for those of use who came of age in 90’s. Look for new fabrications, colors, and metallics to spice up your summer wardrobe.

Overall, flat sandals for summer 2015 are offering comfortable styles, boho lines, neutral colors, and a little bit of sass to the warm weather season. What is your favorite style of flat sandals for summer 2015?

Flat sandals for summer 2015: