Kendra Scott spring 2015 collection; and a peek at summer 2015

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Pictured: Cuff from classic collection / Spring 2015: Rayne necklace, Harlow necklace, cuffs / Spring 2015: earrings / Spring 2015: Ring

When I was in New York for fashion week, I took a break from the shows in order to visit Kendra Scott’s showroom in the Garment District. As a fan of her jewelry, I found myself walking into jewelry heaven! The showroom featured Kendra Scott’s classic collection, the Spring 2015 “Avant Garden” collection, her summer 2015 “Via Maya” collection, and a peek her fall 2015 collection, which is in progress. 

Kendra Scott’s spring 2015 collection, “Avant Garden” is a beautiful and dreamy collection filled with pastel agate, opal, quartz, and drusy. The stones are set in gold, silver, and rose gold settings. There were edgy styles like crawler earrings, bold statement earrings such as the “Kaki Earrings,” and seasonal takes on her classic collection. I have fallen in love with the “Susanna Bracelets,” and every necklace in the collection. I cannot wait to collect a few pieces!

For summer 2015, Kendra Scott took her inspiration from the mystifying jungles of The City of Dawn, Tulum, Mexico, and the Mayan culture. The collection has taken a bold turn away from her classic collection, yet successfully captured the appeal which has placed her on the fashion map. Although the designs are new and exciting, the summer 2015 “Via Maya” collection stays true to the brand; you will be impressed!

Due in stores April 15, 2015, Kendra Scott’s “Via Maya” collection for summer 2015 offers bright colors, triangular tiering, and a vibe which will transport you to an exotic beach location in Mexico. Not only do I have many of the summer 2015 pieces on my wish list, I am suddenly craving a vacation to Mexico!

Here are a few pictures of the summer 2015 “Via Maya” collection due in stores April, 2015. 

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To shop Kendra Scott’s classic collection, and “Avant Garden” Spring 2015 collection, please visit

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