Shoes trends: socks with comfort sandals


Pictured: Vivienne Tam spring/summer 2015 runway. Model wearing thin socks with comfort sandals. 

First, street style aficionado’s were spotted wearing comfort sandals; especially Birkenstocks! Then, these same style mavens were spotted pairing socks with their comfort shoes. Guess what happened next? You guessed it! The street style trend hit the runways and is showing no sign of slowing down as move into the new year.

The hottest trend in footwear right now, and moving into spring/summer 2015, is wearing socks with sandals. The socks can be thick, thin, nylon or cotton; whatever tickles your fancy. The sandals are flat and comfortable; often featuring simple straps.

Wearings socks with sandals was a huge trend back in the early 1990’s. Fashionistas across the Bay Area and beyond were spotted wearing mainly Birkenstock’s with socks. As the 1990’s evolved, and fashion-savvy shoe fans decided socks with sandals was a weird thing, socks were only worn with closed toe shoes, boots or athletic shoes. Never with sandals!

Fast forward to 2014 and socks are being spotted on the street with sandals. From the street, the style has gone onto the runways; making socks with sandals a street to runway trend for 2015.

The plus side of the socks with sandals trend, is that sandals can be worn in cold weather. The drawback to the trend is that, well, socks with sandals have their own unique look; let’s leave it at that. 😉

What are your thoughts on the socks with sandals trend? Will you be wearing it this spring?

Socks to wear with sandals:

Sandals to wear with socks:

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