Nars Sherwood nail polish for winter 2015 review

nars sherwood nail polish review

Pictured: Nars Sherwood nail polish from the winter 2015 color collection.

Nars has a fabulous collection of nail polishes for the winter 2015 season. The colors are cool and ideal for the winter 2015 color palette. I love this winter 2015 nail polish from Nars; Sherwood. Sherwood by Nars is a beautiful, medium purple nail polish hue which is easy to wear with pastels, bright colors and neutrals. Love that!

I tested out Nars Sherwood nail polish with one base coat and two coats of color. The nail polish held up well and lasted six days with only one small chip on my index finger. I love the subtle sparkles in the nail polish which add dimension to the color. 

Nars also has a fabulous nail polish application brush which is flat and the perfect size for gliding easily on my nails. Nars nail polish applies smoothly and does not make a mess; huge plus! The brush is easy to balance too. Another huge plus!

I am looking forward to wearing Nars Sherwood nail polish this winter 2015 season. To find Nars Sherwood nail polish and the winter 2015 beauty collection online, please click here and here.

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