Pumps for fall 2014

One of the staples in every woman’s closet is the pump. Every few years, the styles of pumps change; and every season there is a light tweak in styles, fabrics and heels which can make keeping a “classic” pair of pumps in one’s closet a difficult feat! For fall 2014, the “classic” pump style has not changed from the last season; making navigating shoe shopping a little bit easier for everyone.

The “classic” features to look for in pumps for fall 2014 are the pointed toe and the skinny, “stiletto style” heel. This ideal pump silhouette is being found in dark autumn hues such as deep purple, navy, chocolate brown and timeless black. In addition to solid colors, pumps are being shown in metallic hues and varying shades of grey; one of the season’s hottest hues.

Beyond the “classic” pump for fall 2014, pumps are taking on a fresh twist for the cool weather season. Designers are embellishing classic pumps with ankle straps, low ankle straps, t-straps and random straps. While all-over studs have been played out, designers have opted for using studs as an edgy touch by adding them to the heel of a shoe or around the edges. Buckles are also a new feature we are finding on pumps for fall 2014. Buckles add interest to the pump without crossing into rocker territory.

Designers are also adding ombre, color blocking and embellishments for the fall 2014 season to the classic pump silhouette.  While chunky, stacked and thick heels are a hot trend for the fall 2014 season, pumps are continuing to favor a skinnier heel; leaving chunkiness for casual shoes, trouser shoes and boots.

With all of these twists on the “classic” pump for fall 2014, shoes are becoming an important way to update one’s wardrobe for the autumn season. I found a few amazing shoes from the fall 2014 collections around the web and placed them into the shopping widget below. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

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  • Ariel G.

    I really like this style. I bought pointy pumps last year so I am glad I can still wear them.

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