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Flat sandals for summer 2014

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Summer 2014 is almost here! This means every Fashionista everywhere will need a fabulous pair, or two, of flat sandals. 

Flat sandals are classic; and the perfect casual shoe for the hot summer months. In order to stay cool and fashionable, the perfect flat sandals for summer 2014 are a must! There are many trends for summer which can easily be incorporated into the seasons’ perfect flat sandals. 

For summer 2014, the hottest trends include fringe, ankle straps, gladiator, black/white color blocking, studded (yes studded flat sandals are still around, crazy right?!), slides, flip-flops, and of course Birkenstocks! Yes, I said Birkenstocks. In case you have not noticed, the 1970’s favorite comfort shoe has returned to the streets and is arguably the hottest sandal on the planet right now. 

Small tangent: Birkenstock’s have been around for longer than most of us reading this article have been alive. That being said, they have resurfaced as the years’ most popular sandal; even being referred to, at times, as hip! I will admit Birkenstock’s are incredibly comfortable and I did wear them in high school. (I get a pass for that. I grew up in Marin and was surrounded by hippies.) But, they are being touted as “high fashion” right now and designers everywhere have been scrambling to put their, inspired by Birkenstock, designs on the market. There are luxurious versions of the iconic comfort shoe from the hippie generation popping up in high-end price points and on luxury store shelves for summer. The “Me Generation” is scratching their heads, after all, the people wearing the shoes and designing the shoes are everything they stood up against in the 1960’s. But I digress. . .

Back to flat sandals for summer 2014! For everyone who is looking for regular flat sandals for the summer season, there are so many new styles and trends this year, that is can be daunting deciding which style to go for! If you plan to do a lot of walking this summer, ankle strap flat sandals will be perfect. (Birkenstock’s slip off your feet, they are not a walking shoe. In case you were wondering ;-)) For days when you plan to sit or lay by the pool, and you are interested in more of a shoe than plastic flip-flops, look for a brightly colored pair of flat slides. Other two hot styles this season, Gladiator and thong-style sandals, are great all-around shoes which will carry you through the summer months and keep your feet happy. 

Flat sandals for summer 2014 can be worn with any of the seasons’ hottest trends from the streets and the runways. Look to pair flat sandals with jeans (skinny or boyfriend), shorts, maxi skirts/dresses and skirts above the knee.

I found a few fabulous pairs of flat sandals for summer 2014 around the web and assembled them into the widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉