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black metal

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One of the big trends to come out of Paris and Milan is the black metal trend. Over the past few years we have seen a big uptick in non-traditional colored metals used in jewelry. One of the popular colored metals in fine jewelry has been black. While this may not seem like an odd color for metal, being that iron is often black, it is not a traditional metal color for jewelry. David Yurman even used blackened silver in his special “Ice” collection for Neiman Marcus several years ago.

As we entered 2013, designers began to use black on items such as handbags and shoes in lieu of traditional yellow, silver or rose-gold metals. The black metal hardware used in accessories offered an edgy yet understated look to luxurious items such as Chanel’s “So Black” classic flap handbag and Valentino’s “Rockstud” handbags and shoes.

With the uptick in black metal being used in accessories, more designers and brands are starting to use black metal in their pieces as an alternative to traditional metals. While black metal will never replace gold, silver or rose-gold metals, it is definitely enjoying its’ place in the accessory spotlight at the moment. It may even be possible that black metal becomes a quiet classic in the accessories hardware department; and possibly in the jewelry department too!

What are your thoughts on black metal? Is this a trend you enjoy wearing? Do you envision it becoming classic over time?

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