Chanel Alchimie nail polish for fall 2013 review

Chanel Alchimie is the new fall 2013 nail polish projected to be the ultimate “IT” polish in nail color this upcoming cool weather season. The hue, which is slightly darker than Pantone’s “Linden Green,” one of the top ten colors for fall 2013, is a traditional autumn shade of green which will work well with the upcoming season’s traditional fall color palette.

Alchimie by Chanel is a slightly sparkling nail polish which could be described as Chanel’s “Peridot” without the gold undertones. Chanel Alchimie is a cool green which will blend easily this fall with shades of brown, mustard, orange and neutral hues. The nail polish itself applies easily in two coats and offers a streak-free finish which is smooth and elegant. Love this!

I tested Chanel Alchimie with one base coat and two coats of color for one week. The polish stayed true to everything which makes Chanel nail polish a huge favorite of mine. Chanel Alchimie managed to stay chip free during the week and only began to crack on the seventh day. At day seven, my nails had grown a little bit and needed to be redone anyway.

Chanel Alchimie is projected to be the “IT” nail polish color of fall 2013. This means if you love the hue, buy it now! Alchimie by Chanel may not last on store shelves through the autumn season. Chanel Alchimie is priced at $27 and can be found online here. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 


Photo: Chanel Alchimie. One base coat, two coats of color. Photo taken in overcast light.
Credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©