Summer 2013 beauty trends: my top picks

There are so many classic beauty looks and trends from the spring/summer 2013 runways which have hit the streets for summer. Below are the trends I find the most flattering and modern for the current apparel looks from the runway which have hit the streets.

Blue eyeliner and eye shadow:

There are two distinct trends in eye make-up for the summer 2013 season; the smoky eye and the colorful eye. While designers have variations of blue, green and purple eye make-up for summer 2013, blue has moved to the front of the pack and has claimed the title of the “IT” eye color for summer 2013.

Bright or nude nails:

Nail polish is on opposite sides of the spectrum for summer 2013. There is the bright nail which is being shown in blue, green and orange hues as well as the ultra-chic “nude” nail shown in slight rose and coffee hues. If you find yourself wearing apparel and accessories in the same color family, the bright nail will be fairly easy to pull off this season. If you find you are enjoying every print and color palette being shown for summer 2013, a more neutral, nude nail might be the way to go this season.

Nude and sheer lipstick:

Since the emphasis is on eyes and nails for the summer 2013 season, lipstick has taken a quiet, neutral turn for the warm weather months. Designers are opting for nudeice pink, neutral and sheer lipstick hues this season which blend well with the season’s heavy eyes and bright apparel trends.

Matte foundation:

Gone are the days of the dewy face or slightly glittering face. Summer 2013, and moving into fall 2013 as well as 2014, the matte look is in. This season, skin is finished; and foundation returns as the most important backdrop to everything else which appears on your face. My pick is Dolce & Gabbana’s matte foundation and concealer line since they work wonders on skin, offer SPF, and come in a large variety of skin colors.

I have a few favorite beauty items for the summer season. To shop summer 2013’s beauty trends, please use the shopping widget below. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous