Chanel Paparazzi nail polish for summer 2013 review

Chanel Paparazzi is one of three nail polish colors from the new late, summer collection which includes “Cinema,” “Provocation” (also from the FNO12 collection) and “Paparazzi.” This beautiful, classic hue appears to be a dark, sparkling pink in the bottle. When applied with two coats, Chanel Paparazzi offers a dark, brownish-pink hue with a very slight sparkle which is difficult to see without direct sunlight.

Paparazzi by Chanel is an ideal nail polish hue for late summer 2013. This dark color is neutral enough to blend with both summer and fall color palettes without screaming “summer!” The pinkish-brown hue of Chanel Paparazzi easily blends with shades of purple, blue, green and pink as well as warm hues of red, orange and yellow. Love that!

I tested out Chanel Paparazzi with one base coat and two coats of colors. The polish lasted almost a week without chipping or cracking. The color of Chanel Paparazzi feels a little dark in June, but I feel like this will be a great nail polish to wear towards the end of July and through the beginning of September. It is a transitional hue from summer into fall.

Chanel Paparazzi is priced at $27 and can be found online here. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 


Photo: Chanel Paparazzi nail polish for late summer 2013. One base coat, two coats of colors.
Credit: Bay Area Fashionista 2013©