Colorful box clutches for the summer 2012 season

The bright color trend is huge for spring and summer this year, as well as the metallic trend and sustainable fabrications such as cork. Since the daytime clutch trend also happens to be huge, and there is a brisk move towards carrying smaller handbags, it is only natural that the once evening-only handbag style known as the “box clutch” would find a way to move into more versatile territory; enter the brightly colored box clutch.

Brightly covered box clutches have popped up on store shelves and have been finding their way to the street. Box clutches in bright colors, pastels, cork and casual metallic fabrics have been spotted being used for both daytime and nighttime activities; marking a new trend towards finding accessories which can work both day and night.

Box clutches are being shown in every fabrication imaginable from smooth leather to exotics, faux leather, lace, satin, cotton, cork, metal, shimmering silk and stamped leather. The crystal encrusted and sequin box clutches are remaining an evening staple; not be carried to lunch 

We found a few examples of box clutches around the web which can easily be carried during the day, or to a hip dinner. Enjoy!

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