Top six mandarin fragrances for the summer 2012 season

Now that we are well into the beautiful month of May, summer is around the corner and the weather is starting to feel like summer is actually here. As the sun shines brightly and air conditioners are turned on, Fashionistas everywhere are starting to think about shelving their heavier, cool weather fragrances and heavy florals from spring in order to find that perfect warm weather scent.

When the weather gets HOT, our noses tend to gravitate towards refreshing fragrances which generally are citrus or green leaf based. For summer 2012 citrus based fragrances are du rigueur and the refreshing scent of oranges, mandarins, lime and lemon are appearing in new fragrances launches from designers and perfumers alike.

Since Tru Fragrance announced that “Mandarin” is the ultimate “Hip Note” for summer 2012, we decided to test out a few mandarin based scents to share with you. We scoured beauty stores and department stores in order to come up with five mandarin fragrances to share with you; unfortunately we could not narrow it down to five, so we are sharing six!

In no particular order, here are six fabulous, mandarin based fragrances for the summer 2012 season:

Trish McEnvoy No. 6 Mandarin Ginger Lily

DKNY Sweet Delicious Tart Key Lime

Coach Signature Summer Edition 2012

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Capri

Nina Ricci Nina Fantasy

We love mandarin based fragrances for the summer 2012 season, what do you think of this seasons “Hip Note?” Happy fragrance shopping, and stay fabulous