Fall 2011 Beauty Trends: Sparkling eyes from the runway

Nails are not the only body part sparkling with shimmer this fall season; eyes are getting their sparkle on. The fall 2011 face is dramatic and fresh, giving beauty enthusiasts something to run to stores for; sparkles! Eyes are sparkling this fall with shimmering dark eye shadow shades of black, burgundy, grey and brown. Metallic eyes shadows are also important with bronze, silver, pewter and gold topping out the list. While eye shadow shimmers, thick black eyeliner is dressing up the eye with false eyelashes or lengthening mascara to top off the overall look.

While eyes sparkle, the rest of the face is quiet; ensuring the look is all about the eyes. Face powder is light and matte with cheeks wearing medium to light blush tones applied with one brushstroke. The lips are wearing sheer colors that are not too dark and give just a hint of color.

While eyes are the dominant feature on the face for fall 2011, nails are sparkling in shades of black, dark beige and green. An easy way to keep nails from competing with the eyes is to wearing complimentary shades such as black shadow and black polish; both with the sparkle of a disco ball of course 

With sparkling, dark eyes, the overall face for fall 2011 sets an evening tone; evoking images of disco balls and parties. In order to wear this look in the reality of daylight, lighter colors can be chosen for the eye shadow such as shimmering grey or softer browns. As long as there is a hint of shimmer, the darkness of the color can be left up to personal preference and occasion. Happy shopping and stay fabulous 


fall 2011 sparkle by bayareafashionista featuring a matte eyeshadow