Patriotic and fabulous red, white and blue

Memorial Day Weekend is here and it signals more than just the beginning of summer vacation; it signals a time to remember and appreciate the work all of our service men and women have done for our country and us as individuals.

In order to honor the memory of our veterans, Fashionistas have the opportunity to show patriotism through fashion. The easiest way to show love for our veterans is by wearing red, white and blue. There are many ways to wear our nation’s colors this Memorial Day weekend in a fabulous and fashionable manner.

The easiest way to look patriotic and fabulous at the same time is by choosing one or two colors from the flag and wearing them in the form of a dress or separates. After choosing one or two colors as the base, the color or colors left out of your apparel can be added into your ensemble through accessories. For example; a solid red dress can be worn with white sandals and blue gemstone jewelry. A nautical blue and white striped top can be paired with blue shorts and a red clutch.

Nothing in your closet that matches the flag? Never fear! There are a few ideas in the collage below to help you get started, and Target has a wide selection of red, white and blue dresses and separates which are reasonably priced; this can help George Washington and Honest Abe stay in your wallet 

Happy Memorial Day weekend, and stay fabulous 

Patriotic mix and match by bayareafashionista featuring Revlon