The “IT” list is in for summer 2011 nail color

Nail polish trends have been swinging back and forth from very light to very dark over the past few seasons. As Fashionistas move into summer and begin to pare down their spring wardrobe in preparation for steamy temperatures, everyone is beginning to see their black shaded finger-tips as a bit, well, shall we say, so last season!

While Black Pearl from Chanel and similar shades from designers and beauty companies across the globe have graced the fingertips of the fashion-savvy since December 2010, fingertips have rebelled for summer and are going pale beige or bright pink.

Instead of one dominant color for nails this summer, the “IT” fingertips shade is either beige or bright pink while the “IT” toe color is either bright pink or sunshine yellow; Mimosa by Chanel to be exact. While black polish still has its place in nail color royalty for the summer, the shade has been relegated to the toes and paired with beige fingertips.

Wondering what exact shades to look for this summer? Mimosa by Chanel is the ultimate yellow for your toes. Morning Rose is the “IT” shade of pink for all of your nails and Beige Petale is the neutral beige for your fingertips. The one nail color rule this summer is that bright colors, other than pink, belong on your toes. Fingers are to be kept neutral in either beige or spring’s black.

The reasoning behind this “nail polish color rule” is that bright and bold colors in apparel and accessories are HOT for summer and Fashionistas need to be able to wear any shade they please, without having to worry about their fingertips clashing with their ensembles. 


Chanel Summer nail color from left: Beige Petale, Mimosa and Morning Rose.
Photo by Bay Area Fashionista ©2011