The Red Coat for Fall 2010

Minimalism of the 1990s is starting to hit the stores in the form of Pre-Fall and Fall collections. Fashionistas in the San Francisco Bay Area are seeing a resurgence of black trousers, black boots with stacked heels, turtle neck sweaters in black, white and red as well as coats in varying lengths. The quintessential outfit from the 1990s is back and Fashionistas across the bay are starting to snap up key pieces to start off their Fall 2010 collection. Some Fashionistas may already have parts of the minimalist look in the back of their closets just waiting for the revival. Although minimalism can be a bit dreary, it is welcome news for Fashionistas who have been affected by the recession. An all black outfit can be gathered from the back of the closet. The one key item every fashionista should invest in this Fall is the red coat.

The red coat or jacket will add a pop of color to any black outfit and add instant style to the minimalistic look of Fall 2010. A black and white outfit will also benefit from a red coat bringing instant flair to a Fashionistas complete look. Chanel showed red outerwear for Fall 2010 as well as a fabulous red tweed suit. The red tweed suit can be worn as a complete outfit or the jacket can be worn over a black outfit as well as with jeans for a more casual look. Ann Demeulemeester is featuring a fabulous red jacket in her Fall 2010 collection that has a slightly whimsical structure. This jacket would be a great investment piece for any wardrobe. It can be worn over a professional, all black outfit or paired with jeans for casual, weekend look. Ann Demeulemeester’s jacket will also look fabulous as a cover-up with a little black dress!

The more budget savvy Fashionistas in the bay area will find fabulous red coats and jackets at Banana Republic. The Banana Republic jackets and coats are high quality wool and will last for several seasons. The cuts are classic and easy to wear for any body type. Coats and jackets from Banana Republic are not the cheapest on the market, but they will not break the bank. Prices range from $150 to $500 depending on the size and cut of the piece.

Bay Area Fashionista Tip: Banana Republic has great sales. If you can wait until a coat or jacket has been in stores for roughly three months, there is a good chance you can snag it for 30% off. If you fall in love with a coat or jacket and cannot wait, do not feel guilty taking the plunge and purchasing a red coat or jacket at full price. This is an investment piece that will get plenty of wear during the Fall 2010 season as well as for years to come. Happy shopping and stay fabulous.