WEN by Chaz Dean Cucumber Basil Tea edp review

WEN by Chaz Dean Cucumber Basil Tea edp review

Pictured: fragrance c/o WEN by Chaz Dean Cucumber Basil Tea edp

WEN by Chaz Dean Cucumber Basil Tea eau de parfum is a fresh, warm weather fragrance from WEN by Chaz Dean. This unisex scent contains fruity fragrance notes which combine to create a light, fresh scent perfect for warm spring days, and hot summer months. Love!

The eau de parfum combination of aloe, cucumber, basil, bergamot, black tea, and neroli, combine to make a long lasting scent which stays fresh, and light, from morning, until evening. I love the blend of notes which offer a clean fragrance experience that is not complex, just fabulous. Love that!

Chaz Dean’s beauty collection launched in 1993 with a line of conditioning shampoos which combine natural, not harsh, ingredients that help maintain your hair’s natural beauty, and oils. With the launch of his fragrance collection, Chaz Dean has remained true to his beauty collection mission to create, and provide, natural products which are good for your skin.

This is important because sometimes we never know what we are spraying on our skin! I love feeling confident about not using weird chemicals on my skin when I spray on WEN Cucumber Basil Tea edp. Who wants unknown chemicals seeping into their bloodstream through their skin? Not me! Not you either! This is why natural, not harsh perfumes are so important to me. I love WEN!

WEN by Chaz Dean Cucumber Basil Tea edp is ideal for warm, and hot weather. It is fresh, clean, and long lasting; which makes it perfect for the upcoming summer season. Since it is unisex, it is an easy gift to give for graduation, Father’s Day, an upcoming birthday, or to keep in mind for the upcoming holiday season at the end of the year. Love it!

WEN by Chaz Dean Cucumber Basil Tea edp can be found online here.

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