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4th of July Fashion Guide

The 4th of July is a few days away and Fashionistas across the Bay Area are putting together the perfect, patriotic ensemble for parade watching and backyard BBQ’s. The right 4th of July outfit needs to encompass all three of the key colors: red, white and blue. If a fashionista misses just one color, the entire outfit is wrong! Never fear, designers and stores in every Bay Area county carry fabulous red, white and blue fashion for even the most discerning fashionista.

It is always fun to have a top that display’s everything you love about the United States of America. Target has an amazing and patriotic tee-shirt  with a vintage red car printed on a blue tee-shirt. The words “Happy Birthday America” are printed on the front and there is an American flag on the hood of the car. This tee-shirt can be paired with blue denim shorts or crisp, white cotton-twill shorts from Banana Republic .

The ultimate, patriotic shoes  for the 4th of July are made by Toms. For every pair of Toms shoes you purchase, the company donates a pair to a child in need. Toms has an amazing, casual yet fabulous wedge espadrille in patriotic red and white stripes !

If you shy away from dressing in red, white and blue, you can always pick one or two of the three colors for your ensemble and add in the missing color with jewelry: garnet jewelry for red, sapphire jewelry for blue and diamonds for white! Fabulous!

Is there a pool involved in your 4th of July festivities? Juicy Couture has the perfect 4th of July bikini  for those dips in the pool during a backyard BBQ.

Looking for the perfect 4th of July fragrance? Click here to read about it!

4th of July Fashion is about looking patriotic and wearing something comfortable enough to allow you to partake in the activities of the day. The key is to integrate the mighty red, white and blue into a fabulous yet practical outfit that will take you from eating brunch in the morning, watching the parade in Larkspur-Corte Madera at noon and attending a BBQ or the Marin  County Fair  in the evening. Stay for the fireworks, enjoy the 4th of July and stay fabulous! Happy 4th of July everyone!

Fashionista Survival Guide for the County Fair

County fair season has hit the Bay Area and Fashionistas everywhere are wondering what to wear! The county fair can be such a challenge for Bay Area Fashionistas. The thought of walking around in dirt while the sun is beating down on freshly high-lighted hair can cause panic for the fashion savvy. If Fashionistas across the Bay Area follow a few simple rules of county fair dressing, the panic will cease and everyone will enjoy the rides, funnel cakes and chickens 

What NOT to wear to the county fair:

Rule #1

No Christian Louboutin. I know, I know. This is killing you. Designer high heels and platforms need to stay far away from the county fair. The ground is made out of dirt and you will be petting farm animals and riding on the water bumper cars. Do you really want to ruin your $800 Manolo’s? The answer is no. Prada must stay home.

Rule #2

No sandals of any kind. Yes, it will be around 90 degrees outside and chances of finding shade are slim, but remember, the ground is made out of dirt. You will have dirt under your toes for the entire day if you wear sandals.

Rule #3

No fanny packs. Do I need to explain this? Afraid so. Fanny packs are very convenient, but they can easily be pick-pocketed. I do not need to explain the fashion faux-pas portion of this rule; correct?

Rule #4

No skirts. You will be riding on the ferris wheel, water bumper cars and who knows what. Remember the saying: I see London I see France I see that Fashionistas underpants! ‘Nuff said.

Rule #5

No $2000 shoulder bags. Please leave your Chanel 2.55 , Gucci Hobo and Balenciaga City Tote at home. Not only will they attract attention from unwanted, possible pick-pocketers, you need to remember the water bumper cars. Water + designer handbag = destroyed hunk of leather.

Rules for what to wear to the fair:

Rule #1

Wear shorts. Shorts will give you the ability to ride on carnival carousels and upside-down rides without worrying about exposing yourself. Since the rides are outside and there could be water involved, it is important to wear shorts that will not show dirt or react badly to water. Denim shorts and thick, cotton twill shorts are a Fashionistas best bet. There are plenty of city short styles from Marc Jacobs and at stores such as Banana Republic.

Rule #2

Wear a cotton top. It will be hot at the county fair and cotton, being a natural fabric, will be your coolest bet. Stay away from a boring tank top or tee-shirt. There are fabulous cotton tops on the market from Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Velvet and at stores such as Banana Republic.

Rule #3

Use a cross-body wallet on a chain. The best way to keep your hands free is with a cross body wallet on a chain or mini-bag. Here is the key, wear it under your cotton top. This will safe-guard you from pick-pockets who could clip the strap behind you, plus it will not ruin the look of your outfit. The wallet on a chain should hang a few inches below your top’s hemline. Fabulous! Chanel has the perfect, black caviar leather, wallet on a chain. You can find it at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto or San Francisco as well as the Chanel boutique in San Francisco.

Rule #4

Fabulous tennis shoes. No no, not the ones you wear to step class; the fabulous ones made by Chanel. You can also find affordable styles at Target made by Converse in a mix of colors as well as metallic sparkles. These will protect your feet and not ruin your outfit.

Rule #5

Protect yourself from the sun. The UV rays will be strong and it is important to protect yourself from skin damage. A fabulous hat  and the perfect shades  will complete your look.

Remember, the county fair is fun and it is not a runway show. You can look fabulous without sacrificing the fun to be had on the rides and visiting the farm animals. Have fun, happy shopping and stay fabulous.

The Fashionista’s Budget Savvy Guide for Summer 2010

Hey there Fashionistas! Summer is in full swing and Fashionistas across the bay area are seeking ways to satisfy their thirst for runway fashion on a budget. Let’s face it, the recession is still going strong here in the San Francisco Bay Area where unemployment hovers around 13%. Regardless of employment status, Fashionistas around the bay area are looking for ways to save money without losing their fashionable edge. Well, look no further. I have a few ways for Fashionistas in the bay area and beyond to update a couple of looks from past seasons as well as update your look through budget savvy purchases!

1) Shop your closet. OK, so this has been said before, but let’s face it, shopping your closet is the first step towards saving money and reinventing key pieces from past seasons.

City shorts are hot this summer. They were also hot three years ago. We here at Bay Area Fashionista know you have a pair or two sitting in the back of your closet. Pull out those city shorts, because you will need them!

Tunics with embroidery and embellishments were all the rage roughly five years ago. I know you have at least one in the back of your closet that you did not have the heart to sell on eBay. A tunic with long sleeves or three quarter sleeves will be the perfect top for your city shorts. Tunics blend perfectly into the ethnic trend from Spring. This trend will continue into Fall so your tunic is very “of-the-moment.”

Belt it! You can pair your city shorts and tunic with either a solid, leather belt that loops through your belt loops or you can wear a fabulous belt on top of your tunic and add instant sass to your outfit.

2) Footwear. The hot footwear of the season includes the nude wedge, the espadrille platform and the embellished t-strap sandal. You may already have one or more of these styles in your closet, if not, Target has a wide selection of embellished t-strap sandals that are to die for! The espadrille wedge can be found at reasonable prices at stores such as Payless Shoe Source and JC Penny’s. Victoria’s Secret Catalog has a fabulous espadrille wedge for $48. The nude wedge is wildly popular and can be found at discount prices at DSW and Nordstrom Rack.

3) Beauty Products. The look this summer is clean and natural when it comes to make-up. Fashionistas can wear minimal foundation with brown eyeliner and a small amount of blue, purple or brown eye shadow. The lipstick of the season is hot pink or barely there pale pink. Revlon and Maybelline have fabulous lipstick shades to help carry you through summer. The bright blue, green and pink nail polish colors of the season are being found on the toes of Fashionistas everywhere. Target has a wide array of every bright blue, green and pink imaginable. All of the nail color at Target is under $10. Fabulous!

4) The weather in the Bay Area this summer has been hot and cold; literally. The safari and military trends from Spring are going to carry into Fall. The safari or military jacket you purchased last Spring will carry you through the cool, foggy evenings of Summer and will still be perfect when the Fall season hits. If you missed out on purchasing a safari jacket or military style jacket during the Spring months never fear! The Gap, Banana Republic and Target have affordable styles to fit any budget. You will be happy you made the purchase!

The recession should not last too much longer. As long as we, as Fashionistas, can weather the storm, we will have plenty of money left over to splurge on that special wish list item when the economy bounces back. Happy shopping and stay fabulous!