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Shoe capsule wardrobe fall 2022

shoe capsule wardrobe fall 2022 sneakers boots loafers

Shoe capsule wardrobe fall 2022 from top left: teal and pink sneakers / black lug sole boots (waterproof and classic) / western style boots (so comfy!) / black and white sneakers (hot IT shoe) / loafer slides (classic) / golden boots /

My fall shoe capsule this season continues to offer comfort and support for my planter fasciitis. I love these sneakers because they come with arch support, and I can save my orthotics for my workout shoes. Not only do these sneakers offer support, they are currently hot on the streets! Love that!

These black and white sneakers, also known as “Pandas,” are extremely popular because the black and white color combo is classic and can be worn with most outfits. They are definitely the sneakers I reach for the most often! I have moved my high tops and mids to the back of the closet for the fall season since I am not a huge fan of crunching up my jeans or pants over the high-top portion of the sneaker. I will pull them back out in the spring when I switch back to shorts, casual skirts, and casual dresses. I love my low tops in the fall season.

Loafers are classic, and also hot for the fall season. You cannot go wrong with any classic pair you have in your closet. Pull them out from the back and rock them this fall! I have had this pair of loafer slides for so many years I have lost count. They are perfect for fall! Love!

Boots are always hot for fall, and this autumn season is no exception. Look for western style boots, metallic boots, and classic lug soles. This pair of lug sole boots is available every fall and winter seasons. If you don’t have a pair yet, what are you waiting for? They look fabulous, offer comfort, and work wonders in ice and snow. Love that!

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What are your favorite shoes this fall season?

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Shoe capsule wardrobe summer 2022

shoe capsule wardrobe summer 2022

Shoe capsule wardrobe summer 2022 from top left: slingback heels / Nike sneakers / black woven slides / wedge espadrilles / Gucci sneakers / loafer mules /

Well, you might recognize most, if not all, of these shoes! Since I still have planter fasciitis in my foot, I haven’t purchased new shoes because I know which ones work for me right now. I would hate to buy a new pair only to find they hurt my feet after one wear. These shoes are all tried and true, so I know I can wear them pain-free! Love that!

For the summer 2022 season, I will be wearing my sneakers a lot since they have arch support and are the best option for my foot right now. Of course, sneakers are not always an option for certain events. This last week when two of my kids had graduation, and events surrounding graduation, I needed to wear nicer shoes. These slingback heels worked really well, and I was able to walk around pain free. The block heel hits my arch in the right spot and provides the ideal arch support. Love!

In addition to my slingbacks, these classic, tried and true, espadrille wedges, hit my arch in the right spot too! Love that! This means I can wear both of these shoes for occasions where I cannot get away with my comfy sneakers.

You might be side-eyeing the very flat, and unsupportive loafer flats in my summer shoe capsule wardrobe. Well, you have good reason! Thankfully I am able to wear them because my doctor gave me an arch band which fits on my foot and supports my arch. I should not go for a long walk in flat shoes, but I can wear them to lunch and not have foot pain.

Lastly, how cute are these woven slides? I purchased them last year and thankfully they are still on the market; just in case you have been thinking about them. The sole is very comfy and cushioned. They feel like slippers when you wear them! Due to my foot pain, I cannot take a long walk in them, but I can wear them without pain as long as I am not going to be walking for long periods of time. They are perfect for backyard BBQ’s, going to lunch, attending a casual event, and anything which does not require walking for long periods of time. Last summer, before my foot injury, I could walk for miles in them. So, if you are foot-injury-free, you can rest assured they would be very comfy and easy to walk in.

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Spring 2022 shoe capsule wardrobe

spring 2022 shoe capsule wardrobe

Spring 2022 shoe capsule wardrobe from top left: pointed toe slingbacks / yellow flats / black woven slides / tan loafers / platform sneakers / black mules /

Spring is here, and my spring 2022 shoe capsule wardrobe is complete. This season loafers, slides, slingbacks and sneakers are hot, so I made sure to include these street style trends in my shoe capsule wardrobe for spring 2022.

These black slides have been in my wardrobe for several years. They are broken in, and I occasionally polish them to keep them looking good. While the inside might be a little worn, they are still supportive and comfortable for the spring season. I love an investment shoe!

Street sneakers are still hot for casual looks, so these platform sneakers are still on heavy rotation. I wear them multiples times per week, all year long. They are my go-to shoe and will serve me well in the spring season. If you don’t have a fabulous pair of street sneakers, yet, what are you waiting for? Snap up a pair now!

Flats are perfect for spring since they play well with trousers, power suits, and jeans. I love this fun little yellow pair and my tan pair from last year is still serving me well. I love the chic yet comfy vibe that comes from loafer flats.

Slingbacks are the hottest thing in pumps since, well, pumps! Of course, slingbacks are a classic style in high heels, but for spring 2022 they are little more popular than their classic counterpart with closed heels. If you don’t have a pair of slingbacks, be sure to add one to your closet this season. They’ll take you through spring, summer, and fall. Love that!

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