nordstrom anniversary sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale public access and restocks 2017

wearing: rose gold earrings / Chanel summer lipstick / blue winter coat (also comes in a pretty pale pink color) / black v-neck tee / Chanel summer nail polish / Proenza Schouler Hava satchel / fall girlfriend jeans / fall 2017 booties (avl in black and taupe too)

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public starting day! Whoopee! I am so happy because I am not a cardholder, so now I can buy a few things without asking my Mom if I can borrow her Nordstrom card. haha

Today I bought this pair of tapestry slides (so hot for fall!!) and this pair of silver slides (also a hot fall trend). I cannot wait to receive them! Slides are one of the hottest, must-have trends for fall 2017, and these prices are SO GOOD!

Can we talk about this classic and cozy coat for a bit? I bought this coat at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year, and it sold out within the first two weeks of the sale. I didn’t even get a chance to post it on the blog last year! Despite it not making an appearance on the blog, I wore it all. the. time! It fits well, and it is super cozy. I thought my eyes were deceiving me when it re-appeared in the sale this year! I did a label check, and even looked at it in-store to make sure it was the same coat. It is the same coat! It is also offered in a really pretty pale pink this year. If you are looking for a comfortable and cozy, classic coat for the late fall, and winter seasons, this is the coat! The price is crazy good, and this coat is extremely good quality. Doesn’t it look new? I wore it to death last year! I plan to wear it to death this year too!

These booties are turning into my favorite pair of shoes; despite the hot weather. They are super comfortable, and they seem to match everything! Nordstrom just added them in black today, so you can choose from black, taupe and charcoal. Love them!

So far, these are my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases, what have you picked up so far from the sale? Remember, it ends August 6, 2017; and then the prices go up to regular price!

Happy shopping, and stay fabulous!!

Summer to fall transition outfit idea

Summer to fall transition outfit idea Summer to fall transition outfit ideaSummer to fall transition outfit ideaSummer to fall transition outfit idea

Wearing: large hoop earrings / Chanel summer lipstick (great color for transitioning to fall) / black blouse (summer weight, fall style) / scarf (fall 2017 on sale until Aug 6) / turquoise and gold bracelet / gold-tone watch c/o Welly Merck (use code BAF20 to save 20%) / jeans (on sale!) / Givenchy Antigona / Chanel summer nail polish / suede booties (fall 2017 booties on sale until Aug 6)

A summer into fall transition outfit is key to rocking the fall trends, yet dressing for the summer weather. As the fall trends begin to hit store shelves, all of us are anxious to wear the new and now; yet cannot fathom wearing a coat or a sweater in 90 degree weather.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing, and it offer us fall transitional styles at sale prices for a limited time. This is great since the sale is a great way to buy a few new fall pieces without breaking the bank. Love that!

I picked up these booties, and this scarf, at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for fall 2017. They are both great summer into fall outfit enhancers 😉 The scarf is an instant fall classic, which is easy to pair with a summer top, in a dark or fall color. The booties are dipped on the side, and easy to wear in warm weather since they do not require heavy socks. Together, they make an easy fall update to a summer outfit.

This outfit worked well for me this weekend when temperatures soared into the 90’s. I wore it to brunch after church, and then to the movies with my kids. The jeans were a little warm for the weather, but the fall pieces were perfect! It felt so fresh to be wearing a summer to fall transition outfit!

These booties need more a shout-out then just how cute they are. I am in love with them, and know I will reach for them often as we transition from summer into fall, and during the fall season. They are comfortable, and very easy to walk in. The color is a great alternative to black; and lightens up an outfit with a lot of black such as the summer to fall transition outfit I am wearing in this post. Plus, the booties are currently under $100, how awesome is that?!

Are you thinking about starting to shop for fall yet? If so, what have you bought so far?

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dressing room diaries 2017

pictured: black and white blouse / blue flutter sleeve blouse

As you already know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started yesterday. In order to check out the sale, I met up with my friends Dawn (Fashion Should be Fun), and Laura (Have-Need-Want), and we tried on clothing, checked out shoes, and had some fun!

I wanted to share with you what the clothing and accessories looked like in person. It is always easier to shop online when you know what something is supposed to look like!

Both of the blouses Dawn and I are wearing above ended up in my shopping cart. They both fit really well. The black and white blouse has a nice fabric which is wrinkle resistant, while the blue flutter sleeve blouse will require ironing prior to wear. Size up if you order the black and white blouse.

pictured: burgundy tote bag

Laura from Have-Need-Want is eyeing this bag from the sale. I wonder if she bought it? The price was fabulous, and it is so classic! This tote is a perfect closet staple.

How cute is her little helper on her hip! I had so much fun babysitting him with Dawn while Laura tried on clothing in the fitting rooms. He is so sweet and fun! I even heard him say “Mama!” Love!

pictured: floral faux leather moto jacket under $125

This floral moto jacket is so fabulous! Despite being faux leather, it is really soft. I felt so comfortable in it! This jacket runs a little small, so order one size up to allow for thicker fabrics from your fall clothing. It is on my wish list from the sale!

pictured: embellished slides / booties

These booties and slides fit true to size, and are fabulous in person! I ordered the booties and can’t wait to wear them! Since cropped skinny jeans, and boyfriend jeans, are hot for fall, these booties will be easily visible when worn with jeans. They are a great way to add to a little sass to a casual outfit; plus they will also look cute with casual skirts. Love!

pictured: (if between sizes order one size up) The Blonde / The Brunette

Can’t take us anywhere can you! We had a little bit too much fun 😉

Here is what came home with me from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for fall:

What have you bought so far? What do you think of the sale?

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