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Goodbye 2014 and to all the horrible trends we will leave behind!

It is the last day of 2014! As the calendar flips over to 2015, we can jump and cheer for a new year of fashion trends; and say good-bye to the horrible trends of 2014. Buh-bye last years look!

Let’s look back on the bad fashion and street style trends from 2014, so we can move forward and enjoy the fabulous trends 2015 will bring us!

Goodbye 2014!

Radiant Orchid: This beautiful lavender hue was the color of 2014, but alas, it never really caught on. You may catch glimpses of it in patterns as we move into 2015, but don’t plan on a head-to-toe look of this hard-to-wear color. Au revoir!

Top Knot Buns: What were those weird, round buns sitting on the top of girl’s heads?! Those horrible buns were usually achieved by wrapping hair around a foam donut, wha?????? Look, if you need to insert a gross piece of foam in your hair to create a hairstyle, there is something wrong. Stay away from the foam donut top knot bun! Buh-bye!

Studs: The heavy metal, studded and spike look is done. Leave them in the back of your closet for the next Metallica concert you attend. Otherwise, they have no place in your wardrobe in 2015. Ouch!

Dark Nails: Dark nail were all the rage in 2014, but for 2015, medium colors are hot to trot. Steer clear of black nails and look for colors and metallics to paint on those nails. 

Undefined Waists: The day of not wearing a belt through those belt-loops is gone. If you have belt loops, wear a belt! Also, belt everything you can; dresses, coats etc. Belt it!

Hello 2015!

Marsala: This beautiful, deep red hue is the color of 2015. Look for it in prints and alone. Love it!

Shades of Blue: Multiple shades of blue are all the rage for 2015. Look for an oceanic color palette on warm spring days. So calm and cool, love that!

Fringe: This boho-chic trend started to gain momentum in 2014, but for 2015, it is all the rage! Let out your inner hippie or flapper, it’s time to fringe!

Comfort Shoes: Flat sandals, comfort sandals and flatforms are all the rage for 2015. Look for them worn with socks for a little sass and a fashion forward look. If this isn’t your thing, don’t fret, your pointed toe pumps are still hotter than hot 😉

Drawstring Handbags: The hot “IT” bag for 2014 is not relinquishing it’s #1 spot for the 2015 year. Look for drawstring handbags in all price points, from all brands/designers. It’s the “IT” factor.

There you have it! For more 2015 trend inspiration, click here for the spring/summer 2015 trends from the New York runways. 

Happy New Year and have a fabulous, fashionable 2015!

New Years Eve dresses

new years eve dresses

Pictured: Black dress / Navy dress / Long sleeve dress (under $100!!!)

New Years Eve 2015 is almost here! That means it is time to find the perfect, sparkling dress to ring in the new year!

2014 was a fabulous year, therefore, it is safe to assume that 2015 will be equally fabulous! Since 2015 will be dazzling, why not dazzle in sparkles! This new years eve, look for sparkling dresses in sequins, and fun, shimmering fabrics. Also look out for texture; which adds dimension and lighthearted fun to any garment. Love that!

I found a few fabulous New Years Eve dresses around the web and assembled them below. Now, I need to pick one!

Goodbye 2013 and to all of the trends we are happy to leave behind

Welcome to the last day of 2013! As we move into 2014, we can celebrate a new year of fashion trends and say good-bye to the tired trends which we can finally refer to as “so last year.”

Now, let us take a few moments to say goodbye to the old and boring trends from 2013. As we are saying our last good-byes, let us also take a moment to cheer on the new trends we can look forward to in 2014!

Buh-Bye 2013!

Blinding Neon Hues: The neon trend is so dated, it has traveled back to the 1980’s; where it belongs. Good riddance to blinding colors!

Emerald Green: You were a pretty hue for 2013, and helped everyone stay away from pinchers on St. Patrick’s Day, but your day is done. Buh-bye!

Pointed, long nails: Rihanna is the only person who can pull off pointed, long fingertips. Stop filing your fingernails into lethal weapons and keep them neat and clean. Pointed nails are over. Unless you are Rihanna, then carry on, they look fabulous on her; only her!

Stacked bracelets: The party is over. Stop stacking ten pounds of metal on your wrists. Stacked bracelets are over, kaput, done. Only wear one bracelet at a time.

Short shorts: Cuts offs which barely cover, shorter than short shorts; they are over! Thank goodness. Look for much longer lengths in 2014. Think Bermuda.

Hello 2014!

Drawstring Handbags: The “IT” handbag for 2014 is the drawstring handbag. More “IT” points if you own one by Mansur Gavriel.

Radiant Orchid: Pantone’s color of 2014 is a beautiful purplish-pink. Get ready to mix this color with shades of purple, pink, blue, green and more! It will also be popping up in the years’ hottest prints! Love it!

Medium color palettes: Bright and blinding colors had their day, 2014 is all about medium shades of rainbow colors. Look for a large selection of blues, purples and pinks to choose from.

Dark nails: The vampy nail polish look is back. Look for deep purples, blues and black. Keep your nails trim and chip-free. Hawt!

Simple jewelry: 2014 is all about simpler jewels. Reach for one statement bracelet, or a few delicate necklaces to layer. No layered bracelets, only necklaces! Get it, got it, good.

Happy shopping, have a great New Years, and stay fabulous! 😉