Nars Amarapura nail polish review

nars amarapura nail polish

Pictured: NARS Amarapura nail polish

NARS Amarapura nail polish is a mirror silver, metallic nail polish hue which is perfect for the fall 2016 season! Love! While shades of red nail polish dominate the beauty scene for autumn, metallic hues are the secondary trend which is heating up store shelves in every department; including nail polish!

One of my favorite types of nail polish is metallic. I love shining, metallic nail polish hues because they are neutral yet edgy. Amarapura by NARS is a fabulous, cutting edge silver which acts like a neutral, yet shines bright with an edgy, mirror finish. Love that!

The first week I tested out NARS Amarapura nail polish I used one base coat and two coats of color. The nail polish began chipping after four days. The second time I tested it out, I added a top coat. The top coat allowed the nail polish to last chip free for a week. Perfection!

NARS Amarapura nail polish is my current favorite polish to wear now, and into the fall season. It is really a fun color! It also looks amazing with fall’s mixed metals trend in jewelry. You can pair it with multiple metal colors in rings and/or bracelets for a very of-the-moment look. I really love wearing this mixed metal ring with NARS Amarapura nail polish. It looks amazing!

You can find NARS Amarapura nail polish online here and here.

Nars Black Fire nail polish review

nars black fire nail polish review for winter

Pictured: Nars Black Fire nail polish from the Steven Klein beauty collection for winter.

Nars Black Fire nail polish is a an almost-black nail hue from Nars Steven Klein beauty collection. This special winter beauty collection features colors with that WOW factor. I have loved all three of the nail polish hues from this collection! Read my reviews of Night Creature and Hard to Get.

Black Fire by Nars is incredible alternative to plain black nail polish. This deep, dark color is more of a charcoal than a black. There are matte sparkles in the nail polish which add dimension. Nars Black Fire nail polish also has a very slight blue tone to it; making it an incredible, unique nail polish color. Love!

I tested out Nars Black Fire nail polish with one base coat, two coats of Black Fire, and one top coat. The polish lasted a full week; although I tend to credit this amazing top coat for the longevity of any nail polish I test out lately. The only reason I needed to repaint my nails was due to nail growth. I never received a chip in Black Fire! Love that!

Nars Black Fire nail polish is a great polish to keep in one’s nail polish wardrobe. Although a winter hue, Black Fire is a neutral color which can be worn during any season. It works with both warm and cold color palettes; acting as classic as black can be. Now that is perfection 😉

I am looking forward to wearing Narc Black Fire nail polish any time I need an edgy neutral to compliment my look.

For a holiday look, I would recommend topping off Nars Black Fire nail polish with a silver, glittery top coat such as this one.

Nars Black Fire nail polish, and the rest of the Steven Klein for Nars beauty collection, can be found online here.

Nars Hard To Get nail polish for winter

nars hard to get nail polish winter holidays 2015

Nars Hard To Get nail polish from the Steven Klein beauty collection for Nars

Nars Hard To Get nail polish is a fabulous, deep, dark chocolate brown nail hue which is downright fabulous! This naturally neutral tone offers a cool brown color which is three dimensional with a very slight, shimmering finish. Love!

This fabulous neutral brown is unlike other brown nail polish colors on the market. While brown tends to be a warm color, Nars Hard To Get nail polish is a cool brown; giving it an unique look. This is the perfect cool brown to add to your nail polish wardrobe! Since it is a cool color, it looks amazing with silver, and white gold, jewelry!

I tested out Nars Hard To Get nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. The nail polish lasted a full week before I needed to change it due to nail growth. Love that!

Nars Hard To Get nail polish is an easy color to wear on a daily basis. It blends well with the winter color palette; as well as the holiday color palette. Since Nars Hard To Get is a neutral nail color, it will also glide easily into the resort season.

If you are not familiar with Nars nail polish, it is a high quality polish which is highly ship resistant. I love the applicator brush which does not clump, and is the perfect width. Nars nail polish always glides on easily, and streak free!

If you are looking for a fabulous neutral nail polish for your collection, or to wear as your current signature nail polish, then Nars Hard To Get is an ideal color. It looks amazing with any color of apparel, and it looks fabulous with white metal jewelry. This is definitely a color I look forward to wearing in any season!

Nars Hard To Get nail polish can be found online here.