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Nars Amarapura nail polish review

nars amarapura nail polish

Pictured: NARS Amarapura nail polish

NARS Amarapura nail polish is a mirror silver, metallic nail polish hue which is perfect for the fall 2016 season! Love! While shades of red nail polish dominate the beauty scene for autumn, metallic hues are the secondary trend which is heating up store shelves in every department; including nail polish!

One of my favorite types of nail polish is metallic. I love shining, metallic nail polish hues because they are neutral yet edgy. Amarapura by NARS is a fabulous, cutting edge silver which acts like a neutral, yet shines bright with an edgy, mirror finish. Love that!

The first week I tested out NARS Amarapura nail polish I used one base coat and two coats of color. The nail polish began chipping after four days. The second time I tested it out, I added a top coat. The top coat allowed the nail polish to last chip free for a week. Perfection!

NARS Amarapura nail polish is my current favorite polish to wear now, and into the fall season. It is really a fun color! It also looks amazing with fall’s mixed metals trend in jewelry. You can pair it with multiple metal colors in rings and/or bracelets for a very of-the-moment look. I really love wearing this mixed metal ring with NARS Amarapura nail polish. It looks amazing!

You can find NARS Amarapura nail polish online here and here.