Sunscreen recommendations summer 2018

pictured from left: UPF sun hat in black / rose gold and black sunglasses / Lancome sunscreen SPF 30 / Supergoop with Milly SPF 50 setting spray / Sugar Fresh lip sunscreen (LOVE this product! Avl in several colors!) / SPF 40 setting powder /

There are over 91,000 cases of melanoma diagnosed every year, according to the American Cancer Society. This is a large amount of cases. Although melanoma is treatable by a medical professional, do you really want to end up at that point? There is nothing scarier then finding melanoma on your skin, and wondering how the biopsy will come back! Yikes!

The best way to prevent melanoma, and hopefully never find yourself waiting for biopsy results, or worse; going through chemo to treat it, is to protect yourself now! There are so many ways to prevent melanoma, it makes prevention easy!

Let’s start at the top; our heads. I have owned a San Diego Hat Company hat for fifteen years now; and I love it! Their hats offer UPF protection (the fabric version of SPF) which is a great addition to wearing sunscreen on our skin. Love it! I highly recommend one of their hats! Here are my favorites for summer 2018:

In addition to hats, it is important to wear sunglasses in order to protect your eyes. Look for lenses which block UVA/UVB rays for ultimate protection. This doesn’t prevent melanoma, but it does protect your eyes; might as well protect everything you can!

The most important way to combat melanoma, and protect your precious skin, is to wear sunscreen. I love this facial sunscreen by Lancome, this lip protection by Fresh. In addition, a setting powder with SPF is a great addition to wearing facial sunscreen; I love this one by Supergoop. With three kids running around, I have found the easiest way to protect their bodies is with a spray-on sunscreen, such as this vitamin-infused one by Supergoop.

Even if you aren’t planning on being outside, it is a good practice to wear sunscreen everyday. The sun can touch your skin walking to and from the car, it goes through car windows; and even windows in your home. Always be protected and prepared!

To learn more about Melanoma, please visit the American Cancer Society’s website for further information.

Shop my favorites sun protection products for summer 2018:

Today is National Melanoma Awareness Day, so be sure to look for posts with the hashtag #MelanomaMonday on social media; and remember to protect yourself against the sun!

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Winter into spring transitional outfit

nyfw street style outfitnyfw  street style handbag jewelrywinter into spring outfit 2015saint laurent handbag springPictured: Winter look at NYFW: Coat: Guess / Earrings: John Hardy / Lipstick: Chanel 94 Confident / Top: Banana Republic / Skirt: Milly / Handbag: Givenchy / Nail Polish: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Pearl Shimmer / Bracelets: c/o Kendra Scott cuff, tennis bracelet / Tights: Ann Taylor / Shoes: BCBG Runway

Spring look: Earrings: Bauble Bar / Lipstick: Chanel 93 Intime / Sunglasses: Prada / Top: Banana Republic / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Skirt: Milly / Bracelets: c/o Kendra Scott cuff, tennis bracelet / Nail Polish: Gucci Abyss / Handbag: Saint Laurent / Shoes: BCBG Runway

February and March are always confusing months for a wardrobe. One day it will be eighty degrees and perfect weather, the next next day it can drop down to sixty degrees and start to rain. Of course, since we have a drought in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are seeing more of those eighty degree, pool days rather than the cooler, rainy days. Oh how we wish for rain! But I digress. . .

Since the weather is transitioning from winter into spring, our wardrobe needs to be able to transition too. This is why I love skirts in thick fabrics which can easily be worn with tights on cool days, and bare legs on warmer days. This Milly skirt fits the transitional bill. It has a black band at the top, covered by my shirt-sorry about that, which allows it to be worn with black tights, and a black wool coat for cool days. On warmer days, the bright colors and the festive pattern work well for a spring look. Love that!

I wore this skirt at fashion week in early February when temperatures dropped below ten degrees. I have never been so cold in my life! Thankfully, this skirt is easy to layer and added a little bright color to the dreary days in New York. My friend Jenna snapped a few pictures of me inside the tents between shows because it was way too cold to take pictures outside. Plus, I wanted to have one last photo opp with the Mercedes Benz display. This was the last fashion week in New York they would be sponsoring so I needed a little souvenir. 😉

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, and it is officially spring, I look forward to wearing this skirt with less layers; and eventually short sleeves as we head towards summer!

Skirts are my favorite transitional pieces from winter into spring, what is your favorite way to transition between seasons?

Feeling tall

DSC_0481 DSC_0483

Pictured: Earrings: Ippolita / Lipstick: c/o Dolce & Gabbana “Amaryllis” / Sweater: Milly / Bracelet: Tory Burch / Ring: Kathy Kamei / Nail Polish: Chanel “Orage” / Handbag: Marc Jacobs / Skirt: Milly / Shoes: Joie

I wore this outfit on my last day in New York for fashion week. I am not sure why, but I felt really tall in this outfit. Maybe it was the comfortable yet dreamlike feel of the skirt, or these incredibly comfortable Joie heeled booties. Whatever it was, wherever the vibe came from, I felt much taller than my 5’4″ frame. Love that!

As someone who is on the short side, I always revel in the moment when I feel tall. Feeling tall does not come often, so when it does, I love it! I am quite certain I will wear this outfit a lot this fall season; after all, it makes me feel tall! I am also looking forward to wearing this sweater with jeans on casual days. I would also like to find a long sleeve top to wear with this skirt for cooler days in November and December. 

Do you have an outfit or piece of clothing which makes you feel taller?