Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Father’s Day gift ideas 2020

fathers day gift ideas

From top left: conditioner / shampoo / body wash / body lotion / all c/o Alister

Father’s Day 2020 is almost here! This means we need to find that special something for Dad. I have rounded up a few fabulous gift ideas from around the web for Father’s Day. I hope you love them! Actually, I hope your Dad love them!

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I plan on getting my husband the men’s cleansing products pictured above, plus some camping gear, for Father’s Day. What is your favorite gift idea for Dad?

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Graduation gift ideas 2020

graduation gift ideas 8th grade high school college

Graduation gift ideas from top left: dangle earrings / Gucci bag / pearl earrings (classic grad gift!) / Gucci sneakers (hot summer trend!) / record player / watch (classic grad gift!) /

It is graduation time! While most schools are not having ceremonies this year, graduates still deserve something special for this momentous occasion. A graduation gift needs to be something special which the grad can keep as a long-term memory. I still own, and wear, the Gucci watch my Mom gave me for high school graduation! Why not get something special she will cherish forever?

I love timeless gifts, but not every grad is into something classic. If your grad likes trendier items, then flatform shoes or a record player could be the perfect gift. If your grad likes the classics, look for a watch or pearl jewelry.

Without further ado, here are some great graduation gift ideas for 2020!

Graduation gifts for 8th grade:

Graduation gifts for high school or college:

My daughter graduates from 8th grade this year, I hope she likes what I picked up for her! I can’t post it here-she might read it, then it won’t be a surprise!! What do you plan to give the graduate in your life?

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Mother’s Day gift ideas 2020

mothers day gift ideas 2020

Mother’s Day gift ideas from left: blue print pajamas / pink handbag / summer lipstick trio / yellow handbag (on sale!) / light blue mug / cozy cardigan / summer necklace /

It’s time to think about Mom! This year, Mom might be looking for something that brings her comfort, after all, we aren’t even halfway through 2020 and it’s already been a trying a year! This is the perfect time to give her something which makes her comfortable at home, or makes her feel fabulous.

I have assembled a few fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas which Mom can wear at home, or add to her outfit when she heads to the grocery store, or the economy starts to reopen. The handbags, and the lipstick trio, have a definite IT factor for the summer season; so they are something she would love, and they would make her feel fabulous. Love that!

A cozy cardigan, a cute mug, and pretty PJ’s, are perfect for staying safe at home during this time. Why not give her the gift of comfort? I know my Mom will want that cardigan!

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What are you planning to get mom for Mother’s Day?

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