fall 2012

Twisted Silver’s new Monogram Bracelet

In the 1960’s monogram pins, necklaces and sweaters were all the rage. This personalization trend enjoyed a resurgence in the 1980’s and then again when Carrie Bradshaw wore her “Carrie” necklace on HBO’s hit TV series “Sex and The City.” In 2012, the personalization trend has resurfaced and fashion-savvy women everywhere are pulling out their monogram necklaces from the “Sex and The City” era and wearing them proudly.

This time around, monogram’s have a taken a modern turn and no longer reflect one’s own personal initials. With vintage clothing and accessories being popular, many Fashionistas are wearing monograms they picked up in thrift or vintage shops as well as inherited or borrowed from an older relative. In addition to monograms no longer reflecting one’s personal initials, fashion-savvy women are wearing monograms in new and unexpected ways in order to reflect their own personal style rather than the trends from the 1980’s or 1960’s.

That being said, Twisted Silver has debuted a fabulous and innovative jewelry piece which reflects the current monogram trend in a new and unexpected way; the “Monogram Bracelet!”

The new “Monogram Bracelet” from Twisted Silver features a vintage 1960’s monogram pin which has been repurposed into a fabulous and bold bracelet. This beautiful vintage piece is worn alone on the wrist and showcases a fusion between vintage and modern style. Love that!

The “Monogram Bracelet” is made from beautiful raw brass and offers a golden tone which works perfectly with the fall/winter 2012/2013 color palette as well as the bright color trend which will be coming up in spring/summer 2013. The brass color and bold nature of Twisted Silver’s “Monogram Bracelet” allows this piece to be worn casually with jeans or dressy with a fabulous evening ensemble. Versatility = Fabulous!

Twisted Silver’s new “Monogram Bracelet” can be found online starting today at Twisted-Silver.com and is priced at $100. Use coupon code INSIDERS for 15% off! This will also make a fabulous holiday gift for the fashion-forward woman on your list  Love that too!

Monogrambracele2 Monogrambracele1

c/o Twisted Silver “Monogram” bracelet.

Photos: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2012©