Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018

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products benefiting breast cancer awareness and breast cancer research from top left: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair / Elemis skin care travel kit / “Family Strong” sweatshirt / Bobbi Brown lipstick duo / water bottle / pink Santa ornament / Estee Lauder beauty gift set (great for a holiday gift!) / heart and ribbon pendant /

Breast Cancer is the second largest killer of women in the United States behind heart disease. It’s something we are still searching for a cure for. Many women would be hard-pressed to admit that breast cancer hasn’t affected them in some way, shape, or form, during the course of their lifetime. I know several women who have suffered from breast cancer in their 40’s; and one woman in her early 30s.

My grandmother died of breast cancer when my mom was nine years old. She was sick for five years, and my mom, as a young child, had to endure the pain of watching her mother slowly die. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. It has affected my mom her whole life, and she has never fully recovered from the pain. This is why I find breast cancer so scary, and it is why I feel it is extremely important that we try and support the fight to find a cure.

Whether you support an organization that promotes awareness or research; any type of support helps us in the fight to find a cure. Breast Cancer Awareness is important because it educates people. Through education, women know how to self examine, and understand the importance of annual mammograms. Early detection is key in surviving this ugly disease.

Of course, any type of research towards finding a cure is vital in the fight against breast cancer; or any type of cancer for that matter. The more we raise awareness, and the more we help the research community, the closer we get to finding a cure for breast cancer.

I love finding products which donate  a percentage of sales to breast cancer research or awareness groups. If I need something, why not purchase the item knowing a percentage of what I spend will go for a cause I believe in? Elemis skin care is my go-to, so this travel kit is something I need for traveling, or for my gym bag. I love that something I would have bought anyway will benefit the fight against breast cancer. I am also a huge fan of Bobbi Brown lipsticks, and Estee Lauder’s Night Repair. These are products I always have in my beauty bag, so why not buy the pink versions which help the fight? Love!

If you don’t need anything right now, or you aren’t shopping for the holidays quite yet, I beg you to donate to your favorite breast cancer awareness and/or research charity. Even if you only have $1 to give, that will help. Just think, what if everyone in the United States gave just $1 towards the fight against breast cancer. That would raise about $325.7 million for the fight against breast cancer. Amazing right?

I also love what Chico’s corporation is doing in the fight against breast cancer. You can read about it here.

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How has breast cancer touched your life?

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July 2018 beauty favorites

summer hair care tips

Summer is in full swing, which means our skin and hair are exposed to the elements. It also means travel, warm evenings outside, and drying air conditioning. To combat these summer beauty obstacles, I have added a few fabulous products to my beauty arsenal for July 2018.

As you know, I receive quite a few press kits in the mail featuring new beauty products. I can’t review them all; to be frank, I don’t always like them all. So, starting earlier this year, I am doing one monthly round-up of my products from press kits which I love; and find myself actually using. The following products are from press kits. I fell in love with them so decided to share them with you. As always, I only share what I love!

Elemis Lily & Lionel Luxury Travel Kit

elemis travel beauty kit

Elemis is turning into my favorite skin care brand. I am addicted to their pro-collagen marine cream. It is my go-to daytime cream which I apply every morning. When Elemis sent this travel to me, I was thrilled! It contains a travel size of my daily cream, and additional products I enjoy using. I’m super excited to use this travel kit for an upcoming vacation later this month. You can find this fabulous kit online here for under $100.

Also this summer, Elemis has introduced a new collection of dynamic resurfacing products. My favorite product from the collection are the pads. They are so easy to use and do a great job of  smoothing out my skin. Five stars!!

Garnier Fructis Hair Mask Collection

garnier hair masks review

I just started to color my hair a few months ago in order to cover up the stray grays popping up on my head. Keeping my color looking vibrant is a little bit of a challenge in the summer since I am outside a lot, and in the pool often. These new masks from Garnier are a life saver! Think of them as an intense conditioner. They restore moisture to the hair which is lost when out in the sun, or in a chemical filled swimming pool. I’m totally addicted to these masks! My favorite is the coconut extract scent. It works wonders on my summer hair! Love!

Urban Decay “Born to Run” makeup collection

urban decay summer makeup

Warm evenings out on the town mean a new color palette of makeup! I’m loving everything from the “Born to Run” makeup collection by Urban Decay. The colors are great late-summer hues which will transition into fall easily. The lipsticks are moisturizing and the eye shadow palette has so many colors-it’s like an eye shadow candy store! Love that!

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Which beauty products are you loving this summer season?

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What’s in my March beauty bag

from top left: (all products in this post were gifted): Chico’s beauty bag / L’Oreal mascara / L’Oreal eye pencil / Elemis Super Food face wash / NYX brow brush / L’Oreal Shimmerista / Almay “Make Them Jelly” / Urban Decay lipstick / NYX eye shadow palette /

Happy March! As you know, I get a lot of press packages from beauty companies on a weekly basis. It is next to impossible for me to review each and every one which comes my way. So, as I mentioned in February, I have decided to do monthly round-ups of my favorite products from these packages. This way, you can find out what’s hot-and not be bothered with what’s not!

In the photo above, I am showing my favorite new beauty products which I have added to my beauty bag. I hope you love them!

The mascara from L’Oreal lengthens lashes without using extensions. It really works, and it isn’t clumpy! If you are looking for a good lengthening mascara, this is the one!

Elemis is one of my favorite skin care lines. They have a whole new collection of super food products which are fab-u-lous! My favorite item from the collection is the face wash. It leaves my skin squeaky clean without stripping it of essential oils. I am obsessed!

I am always on the hunt for the perfect eye liner. I don’t like liquid liners, or slimy pencils. I like good old-fashioned eye pencils. This new one from L’Oreal offers a silky smooth application without being slimy. It is a great hybrid between a good old fashioned eye pencil, and a silky, twist and turn pencil. The blue and purple are to-die-for! Of course, I live in the brown, but every once in a while a girl needs some 1980’s inspired eyes! Seriously though, you need the blue and purple!

This was my first experience with Urban Decay cosmetics. I really like them! They have a fabulous lipstick line named “Vice.” The colors are vibrant and the lipstick is creamy. It stays on really well without smudging, and is easy to apply. My favorite color from the collection is “Backtalk.”

‘Tis the season for bronzer and adding shimmer! L’Oreal has this fabulous product named “Shimmerista.” It’s a loose powder which is easy to apply with a powder brush, and it adds the perfect shimmer. Studio 54, here I come!

NYX Cosmetics are new to me, so I was thrilled when I tried this brow pencil. It fills in my brows nicely, and the brush is comfortable. I have a feeling I will use this pencil up quickly!

Lastly, I received this really fun product from Almay. It’s called “Make Them Jelly.” I wasn’t sure what it was when I first received it, but boy, do I love it now that I know what it is! haha It’s a shimmering, purple-blue illuminator which is perfect for nights out on the town. It is also perfect for the mermaid in your life. My 11-year-old mermaid has tried to steal it three times already, but I’m on to her and hiding it where she can’t find it! It’s hard having a daughter who loves makeup! haha

I hope you love these products. I know I do!

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