Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch review

bottega veneta chain pouch review

Pictured: Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch in Fondant (dark brown) /

Ah, the Bottega Veneta Pouch, the bag that started the pouch trend several years ago; I finally broke down and purchased the chain version! The Pouch clutch is a hot trend which hasn’t faded from the streets since it began roughly three years ago. As the trend matures, it is starting to look like pouch clutches are moving from trend-of-the-moment, into classic IT bag territory. Of course, only time will tell.

What makes an IT bag move into classic territory? When sales are steady, people continue to wear their bag and not shelve it, and subtle variations come to market which are just as popular as the original versions; and those variations don’t slow down the original style’s sales. My proof? The Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch.

The Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch is a convertible version of the original pouch clutch. This version features a chunky chain which can be placed on the bag through loops on the side allowing it to be worn as a shoulder bag, carried on the forearm, or held by hand. The strap can also be attached on one side, giving it more of a clutch strap. Lastly, the chain can be detached and hidden inside the bag so that it can be worn as a classic pouch; although you can see one link on the side when it is worn this way. Love that!

I have wanted to invest in an Bottega Veneta bag for sometime now, but the price made me plan my purchase slowly; I also had to save up for it! I toggled between the chain pouch and the padded cassette bag; ultimately, I decided on the chain pouch for it’s longevity, sleek silhouette, and versatile chain.

Over the years, I have found sticking to neutral hues on a leather handbag is a safe bet. Sometimes trendy colors not only go out of fashion, they don’t keep their original vibrancy over time. For seasonal or trendy colors, I prefer to purchase a bag in moderate or affordable price ranges. So for my Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch, I went with dark brown. Although a traditional fall hue, dark brown can easily be worn throughout the year since it is neutral and classic. It is also a nice alternative to black. Since I own enough black bags, this was a good alternative hue, which reflects my personal style.

The Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch is a great bag to wear daily. It has just enough interior capacity for my daily purse essentials including sunglasses, wallet, keys, lipstick, and phone. It’s always nice to have everything fit, that is what makes a great daily bag!

I love that everything fits nicely inside my Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch bag. There is still a little room to spare for a granola bar, receipts, a pen, or other small object.

The pouch is really easy to get in and out of. The opening is a pull open/close which keeps the bag safe from pickpockets. I have found myself wearing it as a shoulder bag tucked under my arm; although it can be worn as a clutch, and on the forearm as well. The chain is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable on my shoulder; despite looking heavy and chunky. Love that!

The Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch is also easy to wear both casually and dressy. So far I have been pairing mine with jeans, but it will also look fabulous with skirts and dresses. Can’t wait to dress mine up!

Shop the Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch online:

I rate the Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch five out of five stars! I really love the lightweight and comfortable feel of the bag as well as the sleek look. The chain adds some fun and versatility to the bag as well. Love it!

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bottega veneta chain pouch review it bags 2021

Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud clutch review

mansur gavriel mini cloud clutch review

Pictured: Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud clutch in Spiga (yellow) / spring nail polish /

How cute is this Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud clutch! As you know, pouch clutches are a hot IT bag style, and Mansur Gavriel’s is one of the two hottest pouches out there. I have owned the regular size Cloud clutch in black for a little over one year, and I love it. So when Mansur Gavriel introduced the mini version last year, I was eyeing it right away. Now, I have finally broken down and purchased one for myself!

As much as I love my regular sized Cloud clutch, sometimes I want to carry something a little bit smaller; and with a strap. The Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud clutch is just the right size to carry my purse essentials. It also has a thin strap which can be worn cross body, or over the shoulder. I prefer it over the shoulder as it hits me on the bottom of my ribs if I wear it cross body; that being said, if you need to wear it cross body, it can be done.

The Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud clutch comes in a variety of beautiful colors. I chose Spiga, which is a soft, yet medium, yellow hue. Spiga, or yellow, is very pretty; and it also happens to be the color of the year! Love that!

Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud clutch | what fits inside the mini Cloud

what fits inside mansur gavriel mini cloud clutchmansur gavriel mini cloud clutch interior capacitymansur gavriel mini cloud clutch practical

Pictured: Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud clutch in Spiga / lipstick / iPhone case / nail polish /

The Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud clutch is quite roomy inside. I can fit my wallet, phone, lipstick, keys, and also place my sunglasses on top. The bag still closes without an issue, despite all of those items. The closure on the mini Cloud clutch is a frame closure with a magnetic reinforcement in the center of the frame. It’s very sturdy and secure. I definitely feel safe from pickpockets with this bag! It will make a fabulous bag for travel once the pandemic is over. Love it!

Mansur Gavriel Cloud clutch side by side comparison

mansur gavriel cloud clutch side by side comparison

Pictured: regular size Cloud clutch in black / mini Cloud clutch in Spiga (yellow) /

Since there are two Cloud clutches by Mansur Gavriel, I thought it only right to show you a side-by-side comparison of the two so you can see what is going on size-wise. The original Cloud clutch is much larger than the mini. It offers the interior capacity of a medium shoulder bag, while the mini offers the interior capacity of a small, cross body bag.

If you love the smaller size, and would still like to wear it as a clutch rather than a shoulder bag or cross body bag, you can! The strap easily tucks inside the bag or can be removed completely. Although, I recommend tucking it in rather than removing it; you never know when you will want the versatility of switching to a shoulder bag or cross body bag.

Shop the Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud clutch online:

All in all, this is a fabulous handbag. The leather is buttery soft, and the construction is extremely sturdy; just like all bags by Mansur Gavriel. It is available in a variety of seasonal hues, as well as classic neutrals. I’m in love with this bag! I also love that it is priced under $500. Love that!

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mansur gavriel mini cloud clutch yellow spiga

Jord Haifa cross body clutch review

jord haifa handbag review

pictured: Jord Haifa cross body clutch c/o Jord Watches /

How cute is this convertible cork clutch! You may recognize it from my holiday handbag capsule, which I posted last week. I always love owning bags which have more than one purpose in life. The Jord Haifa has exactly that. It is a dressy clutch and it is also a dressy cross body bag. Or, if you are feeling a little disco, you can wear it on your shoulder and rock the long strap shoulder strap look which was hotter than hot in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s. This is great news because it means the Jord Haifa can be worn three ways! Love that!

One of the big movements in the fashion industry right now is sustainability. Fashion designers and brands are working hard to make their products more sustainable and environmentally friendly. What I love about Jord’s handbags is that they are made from cork; making them inherently sustainable and vegan. It feels good to wear something I know is sustainable, and not damaging to the environment.

What fits inside the Jord Haifa cross body bag

It’s the ideal size inside. In addition to a zipper pouch and credit card slots, I can fit my full-size wallet, lipstick, keys, and iPhone inside the Jord Haifa. This makes it very easy to wear since I don’t have to pair down my purse essentials when I leave the house. I can throw what I need inside, and I am ready to leave the house! Love that!

The Jord Haifa cross body bag also offers luxurious design details. I love the gold flecks on the black cork, and high quality hardware. In addition, the red, faux suede lining is soft and beautiful. I love how everything works together to create a bag which looks much, much more expensive than $149! I really would add numbers to that price! It’s an amazing value.

Attention to details

The details on the Jord Haifa are absolutely amazing, and high quality. The clasp has a lock on it which snaps into place, making the bag secure yet still easy to get into. The two little knobs push together and voila! the clasp opens, allowing you access to the interior of the bag. Thankfully it’s tricky enough to keep pick-pocking fingers out of the bag. Love!

There is a strong, gold chain strap which is detachable that comes with the Jord Haifa cross body clutch. It has easy-to-snap-on clasps which go underneath the exterior flap; so the loops are hidden. This is a really luxurious feature. The straps adds additional luxury to the bag which adds security when you are wearing it hands free. I love how it looks with the strap!

You can find the Jord Haifa cross body bag online at

Loving this bag! I hope you do too. It would make a great holiday bag, as well as gift for the handbag fan on your holiday list!

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*sponsored by Jord Watches. all thoughts and opinions are my own.