Almay Lip Vibes lipstick collection | cream and matte review

almay lip vibes cream and matte lipstick collection

All lipstick c/o Almay. Almay Lip Vibes lipstick collection / nail polish / black tee / blue scarf / sunglasses /

Have you seen Almay’s new “Lip Vibes” collection? It’s fabulous! The new Lip Vibes collection by Almay includes cream lipstick, matte lipstick, and two lipstick toppers. In addition, each lipstick has a fun name which could be associated with your current mood, vibe, or situation. Plus, each lipstick has vitamin E, vitamin C, and shea butter. Love this!

I’m having so much with the Almay Lip Vibes lipstick collection. The packaging has a fun, beachy print which evokes a playful vibe. The names are also fun and can be associated with your current vibe. My favorite color is “Girl Boss,” of course, I would like to think I’m a girl boss, even if I’m not. haha

There are twenty-four fabulous shades in Almay’s Lip Vibes lipstick collection. The Almay Lip Vibes matte lipstick collection in cludes the colors, Worry Less, Go Wild, Dance Now, Be Fearless, Smile, Treat Yourself, Get Crazy, Insta Queen, Hit Snooze, and Never Regret. The Almay Lip Vibes cream lipstick collection includes Live Happy, Love Yourself, Call Out, Sleep Later, Skip the Gym, Be Strong, Believe, Girl Boss (my favorite!!), Love Big, Dream, Eat Cake, and Rise Up. Lastly, there are two lipstick toppers which offer a fun sheer variation to another color. The Almay Lip Vibes toppers are Shake it Up and Mix it Up.

Four of the colors from the Almay Lip Vibes lipstick collection really speak to me, so I took a few pictures showing what they look like. I’m not a professional beauty blogger, so please bear with my amateur lipstick swatches.

Almay Lip Vibes Dance matte lipstick review

almay lip vibes lipstick collection online reviewalmay lip vibes dance now matte lipstick

Almay Lip Vibes Dance lipstick is such a fun color. It’s a bright pink hue which is matte. Although it is bright, and evokes a resort or spring vibe, I like how it can liven up a dark winter look on a dreary day. This is my new go-to on grey days when I want to brighten the mood! I also plan to wear it a lot when the temperatures start to warm up in March. It’s a fabulous spring/summer color!

Almay Lip Vibes Girl Boss cream lipstick review

almay lip vibes girl boss cream lipstick reviewalmay lip vibes girl boss cream lipstick

Well, Girl Boss is my favorite color in the collection! I love the icy pink Almay Lip Vibes Girl Boss cream lipstick offers. This is a pretty pink hue to wear daily, during any season. It easily matches any color palette and the blue undertones help to make teeth a little whiter; always love that! I look forward to wearing this color often!

Almay Lip Vibes Skip the Gym cream lipstick review

almay lip vibes matte and cream lipstick collection almay lip vibes skip the gym cream lipstick

Almay Skip the Gym cream lipstick is also a great everyday color. It’s slightly more serious than Girl Boss, yet offers the same, seasonless versatility as Girl Boss. This is definitely a color I will be reaching for often!

Almay Lip Vibes Worry Less matte lipstick review

almay lipstick collection review online almay lip vibes worry less matte lipstick

Almay Lip Vibes Worry Less matte lipstick is a darker hue than the other colors I am loving right now. This is a great color tow ear right now. Worry Less by Almay is also a great color to wear at night, since it offers a darker vibe. This will be my go-to lipstick color for evenings! Love!

All in all, the Almay Lip Vibes lipstick collection offers fun colors, serious colors, and everything in between. It’s a versatile collection with a color for every occasion. Love!

You can find the Almay Lip Vibes lipstick collection online here.

Which colors is your favorite?

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*thank you to Almay for partnering on this post. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

lip vibes almay lipstick collection review

What’s in my March beauty bag

from top left: (all products in this post were gifted): Chico’s beauty bag / L’Oreal mascara / L’Oreal eye pencil / Elemis Super Food face wash / NYX brow brush / L’Oreal Shimmerista / Almay “Make Them Jelly” / Urban Decay lipstick / NYX eye shadow palette /

Happy March! As you know, I get a lot of press packages from beauty companies on a weekly basis. It is next to impossible for me to review each and every one which comes my way. So, as I mentioned in February, I have decided to do monthly round-ups of my favorite products from these packages. This way, you can find out what’s hot-and not be bothered with what’s not!

In the photo above, I am showing my favorite new beauty products which I have added to my beauty bag. I hope you love them!

The mascara from L’Oreal lengthens lashes without using extensions. It really works, and it isn’t clumpy! If you are looking for a good lengthening mascara, this is the one!

Elemis is one of my favorite skin care lines. They have a whole new collection of super food products which are fab-u-lous! My favorite item from the collection is the face wash. It leaves my skin squeaky clean without stripping it of essential oils. I am obsessed!

I am always on the hunt for the perfect eye liner. I don’t like liquid liners, or slimy pencils. I like good old-fashioned eye pencils. This new one from L’Oreal offers a silky smooth application without being slimy. It is a great hybrid between a good old fashioned eye pencil, and a silky, twist and turn pencil. The blue and purple are to-die-for! Of course, I live in the brown, but every once in a while a girl needs some 1980’s inspired eyes! Seriously though, you need the blue and purple!

This was my first experience with Urban Decay cosmetics. I really like them! They have a fabulous lipstick line named “Vice.” The colors are vibrant and the lipstick is creamy. It stays on really well without smudging, and is easy to apply. My favorite color from the collection is “Backtalk.”

‘Tis the season for bronzer and adding shimmer! L’Oreal has this fabulous product named “Shimmerista.” It’s a loose powder which is easy to apply with a powder brush, and it adds the perfect shimmer. Studio 54, here I come!

NYX Cosmetics are new to me, so I was thrilled when I tried this brow pencil. It fills in my brows nicely, and the brush is comfortable. I have a feeling I will use this pencil up quickly!

Lastly, I received this really fun product from Almay. It’s called “Make Them Jelly.” I wasn’t sure what it was when I first received it, but boy, do I love it now that I know what it is! haha It’s a shimmering, purple-blue illuminator which is perfect for nights out on the town. It is also perfect for the mermaid in your life. My 11-year-old mermaid has tried to steal it three times already, but I’m on to her and hiding it where she can’t find it! It’s hard having a daughter who loves makeup! haha

I hope you love these products. I know I do!

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