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Fall 2021 color trends from Pantone and NYFW

fall 2021 color trends nyfw pantone

Top ten colors from the NYFW runways for fall/winter 2021/22 from top left: Fuschia Fedora / Mykonos Blue / Spring Lake / Leprechaun / Illuminating (color of 2021) / Rhodonite / Adobe / Pale Rosette / Root Beer / Fire Whirl /

Well, the fall looks bright! New York designers are looking towards a bright and cheery autumn season, which will stay bright and cheerful through the winter 2022 season. We should expect fun, lighthearted color combos on store shelves for fall 2021, which evoke feelings of happiness, hope, and exuberance. After all, by the time fall hits store shelves, the majority of us should be vaccinated, and this pandemic should be behind us. Fingers crossed!

There is noting like bright colors to lift one’s mood; especially yellow which is proven to lighten the mood. I’m looking forward to mixing light neutrals with bright hues when temperatures start to cool off in the autumn season. It will be a different feeling than the usually dark and somber fall season. We should all be cheerful and living the good life as things return to normal. Again, fingers crossed!

I think Fuchsia Fedora for all is a fabulous idea, and I also find myself drawn to Mykonos Blue, and Spring Lake. Those are definitely my three favorite colors from the fall 2021 palette. Now, let’s chat neutrals:

Fall 2021 neutral color trends from Pantone and NYFW

neutral color trends fall 2021 pantone nyfw

Top neutral color trends, NYFW  & Pantone from top left: Coconut Cream / Ultimate Grey (color of 2021) / Soybean / Olive Branch /

These have to be the lightest fall neutrals I have witnessed in my career. They look like spring colors! While olive is a traditional fall shade, this one is lighter; like a spring olive hue rather than an autumn color. I think it will be fun to see how designers use it on cool weather clothing. I love the light mood for fall!

Well, there you have it. Like spring, designers are keeping a cheery color palette for 2021, and defying traditional autumn hues. I love the happy and uplifting colors we are seeing for autumn, and I look forward to brightening cold winter days in something bright, like Fuchsia Fedora! What do you think?

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*Color swatches courtesy of Pantone. Read Pantone’s report online here.

Color of the year 2021 Illuminating and Ultimate Gray

Photo courtesy of Pantone

The color of 2021 is here! Pantone has announced that it is, once again, a double color year. Last time we saw two colors as the color of the year was in 2016. So move over Classic Blue! There is a new color, um-shall we say colors, in town!

Pantone feels that yellow and grey, otherwise known as “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray,” are colors which evoke a feeling of happiness, fortitude, and hope. Personally, I feel that with yellow, but the grey is throwing me.

In my mind, grey is dull and sad. While I love it as an alternative to black in fashion and interior design, I don’t look to the color grey for inspiration or feelings; to me it is too sad a color. On the other hand, yellow is well-known to evoke happiness and positive energy. I always love yellow as a ray of sunshine and hope; but grey confuses me!

Pictured: yellow tote (currently sold out, also love this one) / grey loafers / grey scarf /

I am looking forward to enjoying yellow in the new year, but grey will be an accent color for me; not one which evokes any uplifting feelings. What are your thoughts on the color of the year 2021?

You can read all about it at

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Do you think you will wear yellow and grey in the new year?

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Spring 2021 Colors Trends from Pantone and NYFW

spring 2021 color trends pantone nyfw

Pantone top ten colors from the New York Fashion Week runways for spring/summer 2021 from top left: Rust / Raspberry Sorbet / Burnt Coral / Illuminating (bright yellow for the rest of us) / Green Ash (I call this mint) / Mint (looks more like apple) / French Blue / Cerulean / Amethyst Orchid /

The New York Fashion Week runways are underway in the digital world, and they are bringing me life! Spring 2021 is all about renewal, hope, and uplifting COLORS! Ooooohh I love this color palette. It’s so happy! I love happy!

If you remove red from a rainbow, the spring/summer 2021 color palette is a rainbow of fabulousness. It celebrates simple, primary hues, as well as happy variations. I love every color; and cannot pick a favorite. These are beautiful hues, and perfect for our mental health right now-no joke! We need uplifting hues right now, don’t you agree?

Here is the color interpretation direct from Pantone: ““Offering a range of shades illustrative of nature, colors for Spring/Summer 2021 underscores our desire for flexible color that works year-round. Infused with a genuine authenticity that continues to be increasingly important, colors for Spring/Summer 2021 combine a level of comfort and relaxation with sparks of energy that encourage and uplift our moods,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.”

When moving last seasons’ spring and summer clothing to the back of your closet, be sure to keep everything in these colors for next season. You will want to be able to re-wear everything you own in these beautiful hues. You can even rock them this season if you are like me, and enjoy getting a jump on the trends. Scroll down to see a few fabulous fall items I found in colors which are close to the spring 2021 hues pictures above. Love!

Top Spring 2021 Neutral Colors from NYFW

neutral color trends nyfw pantone spring 2021

Top five neural colors from the New York Fashion Week spring 2021 runways and Pantone from top left: Inkwell / Ultimate Grey / Willow / Marigold / Buttercream /

Of course, we always need a few neutral hues to balance out seasonal colors. There are five fabulous neutral colors for spring 2021 which are rocking our world from NYFW. Black is the new black, so don’t worry! If you prefer grey, you can rock that too! If black and grey are too harsh or depressing, you can uplift your mood by pairing your favorite colors with Willow, Marigold, and/or Buttercream. I am in love with Buttercream! Ultimate Grey and Buttercream are my favorite neutral hues for spring 2021, of course, I always love black; or shall I say, “Inkwell.”

Spring 2021 colors to wear now

spring 2021 colors to wear fall 2020 winter 2021

Why wait until spring 2021? Let’s get this party started, and uplift our moods, by rocking fall 2020 items in spring 2021 colors-from top left: orange nail polish (actually summer 2020) / orange handbag / rust and gold earrings / saddle bag / bright pink nail polish (summer 2020) / yellow tote (I’m in love!) / grey satchel / grey bead bracelet (I bought this one!) / green and gold earrings (I own this classic pair-they’re great to wear on Christmas) / blue and gold earrings (new for fall!) / pink sneakers / yellow slippers /

I’m definitely going to mix in a few spring 2021 colors with my fall capsule wardrobe. Accessories are the easiest way to add a pop of color to a fall or winter look. I’m excited for this color palette. What do you think? Do you have a favorite hue?

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