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Chanel nail polish winter 2024 review

Chanel Winter Glow

chanel nail polish winter 2024 glow

Chanel Winter Glow nail polish from left: Chanel Skieuse / Chanel Glaciale /

The Chanel nail polish winter 2024 collection is here! This is new. In the past, Chanel used to release their spring collection during the winter season, but in the past few years it has slowly crept into a March release. Now, Chanel has blessed us with a winter collection. Love that!

The “Winter Glow” collection from Chanel, for the winter 2024 season, includes a variety of makeup products, and two nail polish hues. The nail polish colors are not gel but have a gel-like or jelly finish. Instead of a cream or metallic, Skieuse and Glaciale are not opaque, they are see-through.

As you can see below, Chanel Skieuse nail polish is a pink color which glides on smoothly and provides a streak-free finish, but with two coats, you can still see my nails. The same goes for Chanel Glaciale nail polish, which is a white-like hue. For both colors I used one base coat and two coats of color.

Chanel nail polish winter 2024 | Chanel Skieuse

chanel skieuse nail polish winter glow 2024

Chanel nail polish winter 2024 | Chanel Glaciale

chanel glaciale nail polish winter glow 2024

If you are looking for an alternative to natural nails or clear nail polish, this is your season! You have a choice between two barely-there hues. If you prefer a more opaque manicure, stick with Chanel’s other colors and wait for spring.

Shop the Chanel nail polish winter 2024 collection online-I included a few opaque colors from Chanel’s collection for variety:

What do you think of Chanel Winter Glow? Do you like these jelly-like polishes? Or are you waiting for spring?

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