BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: soft tee (avl in several colors, under $50) / Chanel nail polish blue, green / golden hoops (under $100) / silver bracelet / silver star necklace (under $100) / black handbag / green woven handbag / black belt / light turquoise tote / espadrilles / straw tote /

Is everyone in a beach mood? I know I am! Shades of blue and green are hot right now, as well as this straw tote and these comfy espadrilles which evoke a seaside vibe. Love that!

This summer is also all about investment dressing and building a timeless wardrobe with pieces which transcend fleeting trends. I am loving luxurious materials and impeccable craftsmanship. If you missed it earlier this week, I reviewed my new Mulberry Amberley and have fallen in love with the Mulberry brand. They offer timeless styles, exceptionable materials and craftsmanship while being eco-conscious. Love that! Check out my review here.

If you have some time off next week consider shopping your closet and finding items to either donate, sell, or move to the front of your closet. After you organize what you have, make a shopping list for fall. The Nordstrom sale is coming up in July and you’ll be able to snap up a handful of items for your wardrobe at a discount. Love discounts! I am researching what is on sale as we speak, so stay tuned for my curated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping list!

As you shop your closet, take a peek at the fall color trends here to help you decide what to store or move to the front of your closet. Also remember to continue storing logo-wear. They will eventually be trendy again, just be patient if you are a logo-fan.

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