Reno recap

Fountain inside the Eldorado casino in Reno

When was the last time you drove to Reno? For me, it had been almost thirty years! The last time I went to Reno was in high school for a swim meet, so when I heard my daughter’s volleyball tournament would be in Reno, I thought it sounded fun!

The athletes in the tournament were asked to stay at the Silver Legacy, the Eldorado or Circus Circus in Reno. The tournament had blocked rooms and set up special rates for us, so it seemed like a good deal and might be fun too!

I have to admit, staying in a casino with a child is not the greatest thing on the planet. If you want to stay in a casino in Reno, do it on an adult trip, not when you have your kids in tow. I forgot people smoke. Really, I did! In California, smoking has become taboo, so you never smell smoke when you are out and about. We occasionally smell another thing that gets smoked around here, haha, but that is rare. So, it hit me like a brick when we went into the hotel to check in and the place smelled like smoke. My daughter had to smell it all weekend. Thankfully we had a non-smoking room so the room itself was fine. I wish I could say the same for the hallways, elevator, and all public spaces. Yikes!

That being said, there was plenty to do for people like me who don’t gamble or drink. This is good news, because if you are going with kids, there are things to do! Yay! Of course, I would say with kids, try for a regular hotel, not one with a casino.

Circus Circus has a carnival game area which is kid friendly and fun. There is also a simulated golf area as well as plenty of restaurants. Of course, we spent most of our time at the volleyball tournament. That being said, I always love finding good places to eat!

For breakfast, I am a huge fan of Starbucks. The one inside the Eldorado was really good. The service was fabulous, and the coffee was made just right. This might be one of my favorite Starbucks on the planet. Love!

We ate at several restaurants inside the casinos, but I am only going to mention the best ones. We loved our food at Sushi Sake and La Strada.

Sushi Sake is a small sushi restaurant located in the Eldorado by the fountain pictured above. The fish was fresh, and the rolls were delicious. If you love sushi, you will enjoy Sushi Sake in Reno.

La Strada Reno has been mentioned on the Food Network as having the best pasta in the country. As a huge pasta fan with Italian ancestry, I was intrigued. We had to try the place! They are known for their mushroom ravioli, but neither one of us was in a mushroom mood. I enjoyed the Bolognese and my daughter had a pomodoro. The pasta was really good, but when a place is hyped as the best in the country, there is a high bar. I would say this is a great restaurant, but the best? I’m not so sure. . . That being said, next time you go to Reno, definitely eat here! It is quite yummy!

What I packed for Reno:

All in all, we had fun in Reno. If I have to do it again, I will stay in a non-casino hotel and visit the casinos for food. If you are looking for something more low key than Vegas, this could be your next road trip.

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