Winter 2023 capsule wardrobe

Winter 2023 capsule wardrobe from left: tweed blazer (under $100) / magenta scarf (vintage Loro Piana, also love this one) / black long sleeve tee / magenta sweater (under $100) / flare jeans / black flare jeans /

Viva Magenta! How fun is the color of the year for 2023!? Love! I am really happy my vintage wool scarf is the color of 2023, especially since I purchased it in 1999! A scarf is a really easy way to add a pop of color to any winter look. If you are looking for a scarf, I love this one under $100. It’s a good quality scarf as I have the same one in green, blue, and light pink. You will love it!

My winter 2023 capsule wardrobe is similar to my fall and holiday capsule wardrobes; with the exception of the pop of color. Since winter is the first season in January, I wanted my color accent to be Viva Magenta; the color of 2023!

The styles from the fall and holiday seasons have remained the same. We are looking at blazers with jeans, power suits for the office or dressier occasions, wide or flare jeans, and a general nod to the trends from the turn of the century.

In addition to my casual capsule wardrobe, I have a few jackets I plan to rotate during the winter depending upon the weather. They are all linked below for reference.

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What do you have in your winter 2023 caspsule wardrobe this year?

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