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Fall 2022 nail polish trends

fall 2022 nail polish trends

Fall 2022 nail polish trends from top left: Neutrals: brown / nude / beige-rose (neutral & berry) / Berries: red / dark rose / burgundy /

The fall 2022 nail polish trends are quite simple: neutrals and berries. That’s it! This fall season, we can wear any shade of berry, or any neutral hue. It’s a great season for classic nail polish hues which offer traditional autumn colors. Love!

Now you have to ask yourself, are you a neutral girl? Or are you a berry girl? That is the biggest question! Of course, I cannot answer that, I believe I am both! haha

When looking at neutral nail polish colors for the fall 2022 season, look for anything from a pale nude hue to shades of brown and beige hues with rose tints. You can contrast your skin color or match it closely. It’s up to you! I plan to contrast my skin color.

Now, if you are more of a berry nail polish fan, you’re in luck! There are beautiful rose hues, classic reds, and shades of dark burgundy. You can be vampy with a dark nail polish, classic with red, or soft with a rose. It’s up to you!

If you work in an office environment that is conservative, I would stick with a shade of rose or go neutral. Bright red or vampy hues could be too much in a conservative office. It’s better to stay safe in an office environment.

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Which color category is your favorite for fall?

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