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BAF Weekly IT List

fall street style trends

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: foundation powder / Chanel fall nail polish / Dior fall nail polish / concealer / chain pouch in chocolate brown / golden hoop earrings (under $100) / casual blue dress (avl in tons of colors, under $50 / faux fur boot / black shoulder bag / denim joggers /

These faux fur boots are trending again! I loved wearing these boots last year when the weather was cool. They have treads on the soles, which is great in icy conditions. I also love that they come in several colors. While black is trending right now, I also own the ivory pair and I love the other colors this boot comes in as well. These are great boots for the cool weather we are looking forward to in a couple of months! Love!

Everyone is shopping for fall right now! This blue dress works well year-round and can easily be worn during the fall season with a scarf and/or jacket. It also looks cute with sneakers, high top sneakers, and casual boots. While the blue dress is trending right now, I love the black version, and I hope to pick up another one in a fall color such as a shade of brown or berry hue. Love it!

These joggers are also trending! They are perfect to wear now and well into the fall season. Since they are a traditional fall color, they work well for the autumn season. I love my pair! If you have seen me wearing them, I am wearing one size too large since I bought them when I wasn’t done losing weight. I just belt them, and they work, but the way they look on the model is what they will look like if you get the right size. The denim is super soft and comfortable, I am addicted! You will love them too if you haven’t already snapped up a pair.

If you aren’t ready for fall clothing and shoes, a handbag is a great way to start building your wardrobe for fall. Look for fall hues, neutrals, and shoulder bags. Love the ones trending this week, pictured above.

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What are loving right now, and investing in for the fall season?

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