Puff sleeves and sneakers

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wearing: large hoop earrings (under $100) / light blue puff sleeve tee (under $50) / G buckle belt / green handbag / gold ring / summer nail polish / boyfriend jeans / white bracelet (under $50, local designer) / blue grey Air Jordans 1 low /

OK, how cute are these Air Jordan 1 Low’s! I was so excited when I won them on the SNKR’s app. They are a women’s style with a beautiful combination of pale blue leather and grey suede. I know I am not tying them the “cool” way, but if I tie them the cool way they fall off my feet, so I am going to be uncool until I figure out how to tie them correctly and have them stay on my feet. haha

I found this pretty light blue tee for under $50, and it looks perfect with my Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers since they are pale blue! I decided to play with color a little bit and pair the pale blue with my bright green handbag and lilac summer nail polish. It’s a very casual look with some color fun. Love!

This outfit worked out well the other day when my family and I went out to lunch at Dough Zone in Cupertino. If you haven’t been to Dough Zone, you will love it if you are a fan of dumpling and noodles. They have the most amazing spicy won tons. So good!

dough zone cupertino

In addition to their yummy won tons, we also enjoyed pot stickers, soup dumplings, dan dan noodles, and green onion pancake. Dough Zone also has amazing dan dan noodles. They are so good! Those are my two favorite dishes; the spicy won tons and the dan dan noodles. I highly recommend trying them!

I’m having fun building up my sneaker wardrobe this summer. Hopefully I can add some more fun colors to my collection.

Stay tuned for my tips on how to win in the SNKR’s app later this week!

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