Spring 2022 nail polish trends

spring 2022 nail polish trends

Spring 2022 nail polish trends from top left: Dior Mineral Peach / Chanel Riviera / Dior Cashmere / Dior cruise / Chanel Terra Rosa / Dior Rose Quartz / Dior Balade / Dior Rendez Vous / Dior Palais Royal /

There are so many pretty nail polish colors for the spring 2022 season! The nail polish trends for spring include traditional spring pastels, shades of classic rose, and neutral putty; if rose and pastel hues are not your thing.

I am having a hard time choosing which nail polish trend I love best. My favorite color for spring is definitely Chanel Riviera, which is an edgy, pastel yellow. Of course, I also love all of the rose shades, which are perfect for a more classic look. Dior Balade and Chanel Terra Rosa are very similar, dark rose hues, and I love them both. It is hard to say which one I love more! What do you think?

If you work in a conservative environment, one of the putty hues, a pastel pink, or a shade of rose will work perfectly for you. Hey, this season there is a lot to choose from if your work environment restricts your nail color! That is good luck! Love that!

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So, what do you think of the nail polish trends for the spring 2022 season? Which one is your favorite?

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