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handbag trends 2022 it bags

IT bags 2022 from top left: BV Jodie Bag / woven camera bag / small top handle bag / small shoulder bag / woven shoulder bag / chain pouch / structured hobo bag / classic square tote / bowler bag /

The 2022 IT bags are here, setting the handbag trends 2022 in motion. We are seeing a mix of continuing IT bags from previous years, a few classic handbags, and newcomers for 2022 which will knock your socks off. Ready? Let’s go!

The year is giving us small handbags which offer a simpler silhouette than we have seen in previous years. IT bags for 2022 are also offering retro vibes from the 1990s through to 2022.

Here’s a snapshot: The pouch; modern and continuing from the last few years. The bowler; retro vibes and new for 2022. See that small black Dior bag? It’s a classic IT bag you might have invested in years ago, it’s hotter than hot this year. There’s an IT bag for everyone this year, and I am here for it!

So, without further ado, here is a breakdown of the 2022 handbag trends:

Hobos bags: Hobo bags are a huge classic style from the late 1900’s, and they started to finally have a comeback last year. In 2022 you can expect structured, soft and slouchy, as well as moon shaped styles which will offer architecture and geometry. Look for circles and fun, rounded styles that aren’t exactly circle bags from five years ago.

The Pouch: this daytime clutch style is still running strong! Look for large, medium, and small sizes. Simple pouch bags and pouch bags with cross body straps or chain straps are also still hot. Keep wearing your pouch!

Bucket bags: The classic bucket is back, and there are two styles to covet this year. Look for classic buckets such as the iconic Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, or look for bucket bags which mimic a pail. There isn’t one standout, must-have bucket. If you have a Mansur Gavriel bucket in your closet, go ahead and rock it this year.

Small Square Tote: The tote bag is a classic which is always in style, but for 2022, look for small, square tote bags. All the designers are coming out with their own version of this iconic style. They are the perfect size for daily use without being huge work bags. Many square totes also include a cross body strap. Love that! The Dior style is the IT bag in this category but look for some fabulous affordable versions coming from Coach this spring!

Bowler Bags: The bowling bag is back! Dior launched a collection of bowlers for the cruise 2022 season, and they are already sweeping the streets. If you have the cash, this is the IT bag to invest in for 2022. I will watch for more affordable versions as the year progresses, and I will definitely share them with you! This is a great style which isn’t too big, yet still offers a good amount of interior capacity. Bowler bags are also less bulky than those large canvas statement totes everyone has been rocking the last few years from Dior.

Micro-mini bags: I’m not sure why this trend keeps on trending, but it does! The smaller and less practical your bag, the better! Look for small and nano sized bags from most designers this year. If you don’t need a place for your phone, then these are great bags. If you need a bag for your phone, go with the small size instead of nano or micro. Just sayin’.

Lady Bags: The Lady Bag is back, and she never really left. This is the single top handle bag which is a classic satchel or tote style. The Balenciaga Hourglass top handle bag is a big one for 2022. There are also plenty of choices in this style if the Hourglass isn’t your thing. Love this classic and chic style!

Well, those are the handbag trends 2022 we are watching this year. Now, in addition to handbag trends, we have the ultimate IT designers to carry around in 2022. After all, anything from these designers is considered an IT bag and can be deemed gold.

IT designers of 2022: Not interested in the exact IT bag from the streets, but want to carry an IT designer? Here is the IT list! Look for anything by Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Prada, Coach, Jaquemus, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes.

Of course, there are IT colors too! Luckily 2022 is all about a rainbow of hues. You can rock neutral hues such as black, shades of brown, beige, tan, ivory, and white, or you can look for bright colors from the rainbow. Pastel bags are good too, but the brighter, the better.

The biggest IT bags of the year are pictured in the collage above. Which one if your favorite?

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There you have it! The best 2022 handbag trends and the IT bags 2022 in one article. What type of bag are you excited to rock in 2022?

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