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BAF Weekly IT List

winter 2022 style trends

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: periwinkle sweater (on major sale!) / spring Chanel nail polish / Dior cruise nail polish / G buckle belt / black puff sleeve top (on sale!) / lug sole boots (water resistant!) / small convertible handbag / structured hobo bag (caramel color on sale only) / faux fur boots (on major sale!) /

The winter sales are heating up! There are so many great deals on hot winter items right now. This periwinkle sweater, which happens to be in the color of the year, is on major sale, and so is this comfy yet fashionable puff sleeve top. Love these faux fur boots which come in several colors: also on sale. My structured hobo is a hot IT bag, but you can snap up my caramel color on sale. Love this!

Also trending this week-warm weather nail colors! The easiest way to freshen up winter, and start thinking about warmer weather, is with nail polish. It’s an under $50 way of adding a little sunshine to your everyday look. Shoppers are loving Dior’s cruise nail polish and Chanel’s spring nail colors. Stay tuned! Dior’s spring collection is hitting the blog in a few days. It’s fabulous.

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