BAF IT List 2021

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BAF IT List 2021 from top left: classic IT bag / large hoop earrings / foundation powder / fall nail polish / charcoal denim / lug sole boots (water resistant) / small black convertible handbag / grey satchel /

This is IT! The hottest items from 2021 in one list. Notice something in common? The hottest fashion items from 2021 are basics which can be worn everyday.

2021 was all about getting back to life after being locked down for a whole year. As people slowly transitioned back to their pre-pandemic lives, they reached for basic items which can be used everyday. In addition to basics, people looked for simplicity.

What is more simple than this foundation powder? It’s foundation and setting powder in one. Plus, it does not clog your pores. Love that! I have been using this foundation powder in lieu of foundation plus setting powder for about a decade now, and I can never go back to the multi-step foundation process. This powder is super easy, doesn’t make me break out, and works like a charm. I have a Mediterranean complexion and wear color number 5, for reference.

Classic hoops have been hotter than hot this year! I find myself reaching for mine on an almost-daily basis; and many of you have been buying hoops like crazy too! As we move into the new year, I hope to add a rose gold pair, and a silver pair to my collection. Which color hoops have you been rocking this past year?

Neutral nail polish is hot, and as we move into 2022, designers are still opting for neutral or soft tones when it comes to nails. We will be wearing more color, so keeping our nails understated will be a must! This neutral from Chanel’s fall nail polish collection has turned into everybody’s must-have in 2021. It is also a great color for 2022 since it is basic, neutral, and plays well with any color palette. Love that!

No fuss IT bags were hot in 2021, and they will continue to be hot in 2022. These classic IT bags from Chloe and Coach were hot in 2021 and will continue to be sought after in 2022. They are great everyday bags. Nothing like a practical bag which also offers some IT status! Also, this grey satchel has turned out to be a huge IT bag! It’s a great bag for car travel, an airplane carry-on, overnight getaways, or anytime you need to carry a lot of items. The small size is perfect for daily wear as it fits everyday essentials, plus a few extras. I linked up the medium size, but it also comes in small and large. All sizes are popular!

Jeans and practical footwear have been hot in 2021! While square toes, mules, and strappy sandals all had a moment in 2021, people reached for shoes they can walk in. These lug soles boots are very popular since they are comfortable, durable, and water resistant. Plus, they offer a hefty lug sole which is very on trend. In addition to lug sole boots, classic cut jeans have been very popular. While wide leg pants are the big trend, people have been opting for classic cut and skinny jeans when they shop. Unless you are really tall, wide leg pants are hard to wear and shoppers have realized that; opting for classic cuts which flatter any figure.

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It will be interesting to what becomes popular in the new year. These classic items will all continue into 2022, but I am sure more basics, and trendy items will get added to the IT list! What was your favorite fashion item in 2021?

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